5 Reasons To Get A Cat During College

Having animal companionships is one the best gifts you can have, I found that having a cat is the easiest to take care of and one of the best companionships I've experienced especially being a college student on a tight budget. Having dogs all of life I wasn't convinced by my roommates that having cat would be beneficial for me, but it is in so many ways and here are the reasons why!

1. It's Beneficial For Your Mental Health

As someone who has struggled with mental health, animals have always been a nurturing aspect of helping me through an exhausting day. There are days when you don’t want to interact with anyone, and on those days having a furry companion makes it so much better! I found that especially with school work and constantly being stressed over assignments, just having a companion with you to cuddle can strongly help you get by.

Girl lying on bed with cat Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

2. It Shows Responsibility

Taking care of an animal is a lot of responsibility. Especially as a college student, I’ve learned that taking care of something other than myself can be difficult, but it shows a growing part of who you are, and of being an adult. Having a pet at home and having a pet while in college are different in so many ways: to begin with, you are the one who's responsible for feeding and taking care of them, rather than your family members sharing the responsibility. Taking on this serious role also prepares you for the real world, and can show your parents how serious you are. 

3. You’re Never Lonely - Constant Snuggles! 

Living with other roommates can be a handful at times. Human interaction can be overwhelming, especially when you are constantly around the same people. But having a cat that loves to cuddle is always a plus. No matter what I am doing, my cat will follow and see what I am up to — especially when it comes to food. My cat loves to watch me make food and even steals some to try for himself when I'm not looking!

cat asleep in bed Photo by Iz & Phil from Unsplash

4. Necessities Are Inexpensive 

As a college student with a limited budget, feeding another mouth can be a struggle. However, budgeting really helps when you are not just taking care of yourself. I found myself preferring to buy a large pack of food rather than single cans, which run out faster and make you constantly run to the store to buy more and more food. The large packs that I purchase come with twin packs which help you keep track of when you feed your cat. I found that Crave is a very good cat food brand and only retails for $12.99 for 12 packs! Though cat litter can be a bit more expensive, I found that my cat doesn’t mind which brand I get as he isn’t sensitive to the litter the way some cats can be. I do try to stick to one brand though! Cats also love just about anything that is a toy. Although they aren’t very expensive, you can make a toy for a cat using just about anything. 

fluffy cat cooper Photo by Jonathan Cooper from Unsplash

5. Independent and Low-Maintenance 

Cats are known for being very independent and they love their quality time to themselves. Plus, certain breeds don’t need as much grooming or cleaning as they clean themselves. Cats typically do not need much attention until they tell you otherwise. I find that my cat will let me know when he wants to be fed, when he wants to play, or when he just wants cuddles. Cats don't always need attention 24/7 like other pets do, which is perfect for someone who is constantly working but still needs that companionship! 


There are so many more reasons to get a cat during college! I'm extremely glad that I was convinced to get my cat that I have now currently, he has been a highlight of my college life and I highly recommend considering about adopting a cat!