5 Reasons to Cut Those Long Locks: Why Short Hair Rocks

If you are like me, there isn’t a time when you can walk across campus without seeing dozens of Rapuzel-like manes. What is it that keeps us girls so attached to this boring, troublesome hairstyle? Here are five great reasons why it’s time to put down the brush and ditch the heavy mop.

1)  Short hair is extremely easy to manage.

Long hair can take hours to manage and style—whether it's applying product, drying, straightening or curling, or trying to master complicated updos. The shorter the hair, the less time it takes to make it look great. It only takes minutes to run a straightener or curler through the short strands and you always end up looking put together and fabulous.

2) It gives you a more mature, sophisticated look.

Now that we are all Collegiettes, it is important that we portray ourselves as professional young adults and short hair is an easy way to do just that. Not only is it less hassle than long hair, but also short hair can show sophistication, intelligence, and beauty all without any words—a great way to nail a first impression at the many interviews you are soon to be facing.

3) It allows you to be unique and make a statement.

With all the different cuts, colors, and styles, it is so much fun to experiment and play around and find what really works for you. Once you’ve made the bold decision to chop it all off, it doesn’t take long for it to grow so you can regularly change up your look.

4) It’s healthier and doesn’t tangle.

Long hair seems to always be in knots with the ends looking damaged or dead. My long hair used to be just like this, but since chopping it off, I have yet to see a knot or split end ever again. Short hair always looks healthy and polished.

5) It saves you money.

Since most of us Collegiettes are on a pretty tight budget, short hair will allow you to stop spending unnecessary amounts of money on hair products and you will still look fabulous everyday.

Whatever you decide, rock it with pride, Collegiettes!

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