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5 Places to Check out in Northampton

Northampton is a city located only about 20 minutes away from Amherst (a 45 minute bus ride on the B43). It’s a quirky town filled with fun, hip stores, delicious food and an awesome music scene. If you find yourself with some free time, here are some places you should be sure to check out in Northampton:

1. Faces

Faces is truly the epitome of Northampton. It’s a unique store filled with everything from clothes, posters, toys, cards, and bath accessories. You can go in there looking for a funny card for a friend’s birthday and walk out with a new tapestry, some earrings, and a shirt. It’s simply addicting! You’ll spend an hour looking at all of the silly toys they have and laughing with your friends at everything you come across. It’s quirky, cute, and cool. 

2.  Fitzwilly’s 

The minute you walk into Fitzwilly’s you feel relaxed and at home. It’s a welcoming environment that is sure to lure you in with its nice servers and food. They have everything from appetizers, to “smokehouse platters,” to burgers and pasta, and dessert. And my own personal advice: check out the gorgonzola bread! It’s pure heaven: bread drenched in enough tangy cheese to make your mouth water. What more could you ask for, really?

3. Lucky’s Tattoo & Piercing

Feeling brave? Finally want to get that nose ring you’ve been dreaming of? Lucky’s is one of the best piercing places in Northampton that you should be sure to check out! They are all friendly and, based on personal experience, they won’t judge you when you’re freaking out over the piercing you’re about to get. The piercing rooms are sanitary and so is the equipment, and they even do tattoos as well! All for a great price that won’t break the bank! 

4. LimeRed Teahouse

Ever heard of boba? It’s a form of tapioca often used in bubble tea or boba milk tea! LimeRed specializes in bubble tea and also boba milk tea. It’s delicious, and depending on the flavor you get, can be nutritious too. The shop is small but cute, and the walls are covered with Post-Its–you can add one with anything you want to draw or say and they’ll hang it up! It’s unique and a sweet treat. 

5. Herrell’s Ice Cream

If you’re craving something delicious, sweet and decadent, this is for sure the place you’ll wanna check out. With 300 flavors (and counting) there is definitely a flavor for everyone. They also have treats like apple pie, brownie sundaes, and more! It’s the only place I know of that can truly satisfy my ice cream cravings.

If you’re looking for something to do on a free day or weekend definitely check out Northampton. It’s close, fun, and a great place to explore. Whether you’re looking for food, shopping, or fun, Northampton has it all


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