5 New England Summer Vacation Spots That Are Just as Amazing in the Fall

With the fall season approaching, the colorful leaves and brisk weather can have thoughts of pumpkins and haunted houses push our summer memories behind us for good. But some of New England’s most beautiful vacation spots are also definitely worth a trip in their off-seasons! Fall is a beautiful time no matter where you are in New England, but these five spots known for being dream destinations in the summer are also full of activities and beauty to capture any fall lover’s eye.

Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

Vacationers from all over the country head to the Cape each summer to check out the famous beaches and captivating towns. These tourists always head back as August comes to a close, yet this Massachusetts' attraction remains a gem throughout the autumn seasons. Each town on the Cape is mapped out with long bike paths, which are always fun to ride along in the summer weather. But they transform into picturesque routes through vibrant foliage in the fall. Jumping on a bike and riding along the paths make for a nice afternoon. The distant sounds of the ocean ringing in your ears and the leaves dancing underneath the spinning wheels of the bike will make you feel like your living in a painting. It is the ideal way to truly experience fall in New England!


Mystic/New London (Connecticut)

Connecticut’s southern coast is always charming and alluring. It’s beautiful beaches, quaint shopping towns and lighthouse views show how the towns contain everything that makes up a summer dreamland. As the autumn season approaches, the towns grow to be even more scenic as they become filled with the changing leaves and nippy air. Also, Clyde’s Cider Mill opens up and provides a lively and educational experience as both a historical landmark and a fun place to go with friends and family to taste cider and donuts!


Lake Winnipesaukee (New Hampshire)

A typical activity to enjoy fall with is hopping in your car and driving down scenic roads, staring out the windows and studying the foliage of New England. Observing the color-changing leaves puts anyone in a happy mood. Lake Winnipesaukee offers a special type of leaf-peeping by trading in the car for your summer boat. In the summer, Lake Winnipesaukee is known for its peaceful lake where tubing, swimming and relaxing take place. But your boat does not have to be stored away right when the summer closes. Going on a boat ride and checking out the trees and the colorful floating leaves makes for a perfect trip of leaf-peeping.


Nantucket (Massachusetts)

Nantucket’s main street is known to celebrate any holiday in the best way. It is highly acclaimed for its 4th of July celebration, where the street is closed off and used for piles of activities like water balloon fights, pie-eating contests, face painting, etc. But a less known fact is that Nantucket also celebrates an iconic fall holiday in a great way. The Halloween Parade closes the street again, and thousands of costume-wearing people march through. There’s trick or treating from store door to door, and prizes that are given out to the most creative costumes. Not to mention the notorious cobblestone streets are decorated with fallen leaves of red, orange and brown!


Kennebunkport (Maine)

Most vacation towns that are known for having a lively shopping and restaurant scene tend to die down as the summer comes to an end. But Kennebunkport is always vibrant and exciting no matter the time of year! The stores and restaurants stay open and filled with people, and the already cute town becomes a movie scene with the fallen foliage on the horizon of the water. A close drive to the gorgeous beaches allows for leisurely walks along the sand. Gooch's Beach is famously known for being dog-friendly, even in the summer with dogs being allowed before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. The months of May to September open the beach to puppies all day, and many dog owners bring their dogs and it basically becomes a dog park on a beach, which couples perfectly for a pleasing morning with a warm cup of coffee from Dock Square Coffee House.

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