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5 Most Romantic Restaurants For This Valentine’s Day in Amherst

Whether we’ve seen it in movies or in our dreams, we all know that idyllic, special, and oh-so-romantic Valentine’s Day dinner we have all fantasized about. Candles, a small-secluded table or maybe even a fireplace, us girls dream about it all. So this Friday, boyfriends, dates, or that kid you have been stalking down the hall alike, let’s arrange for the most over the top restaurant for the perfect romantic date!

Yes, we’re all in college and we know that this is the time when men start to slack in the “charming” field, but let’s change those Timberlands to Oxfords and UMass sweatshirts to button-ups and hit the town. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants for that dreamy date in the Amherst area, so start dropping those hints and tell your man to start making those reservations!

Our #1 preferred restaurant that was the most romantic and quaint little eatery was Wiggins Tavern in Hotel Northampton. Embedded in the prestigious antique hotel is this romantic fireplace-lit hideaway; serving delicious dishes in an intimate setting, and what could be better than their buffet-style dessert menu!

Coming in at #2 was my personal favorite, Pasta E Basta. Located right in Amherst Center is this delicious and beautiful restaurant. It’s affordable and a great place to enjoy savory pasta dishes while enjoying an intimate candle-lit view with your man.

Our #3 choice for this Friday’s festivities was Zen; for the sushi-lovers out there, this is our prime. On the main strip of Northampton lies another great option for that dreamy Valentine’s date. Whether you’re ordering from their lengthy wine menu or looking for exquisite sake, they claim to concoct special drinks for the special night.

For #4, we picked an adorable little eatery, conveniently located right in the center of Amherst, Fresh Side. Choose from an array of charming teas and make sure to call ahead and reserve their amorous seating right beside a fireplace!

Last but definitely not least was choice #5 an adorable little restaurant also located in Northampton, Thai Garden. Decorated to perfection, this restaurant loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Make sure to get the best seat in the house with plush cushions and a great view to start off the night right.

And for those who find themselves gagging at the thought of an over-the-top romantic dinner, you know it’s real if your man takes you here…

Have fun, ladies!

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