5 Makeup Tips and Tricks to Go from Fug to Flawless

We all know the feeling - getting up for an 8am class and looking in the mirror, only to see a glorified zombie staring back at you. Unfortunately for our poor souls, we were not born looking like Beyoncé, and therefore cannot wake up looking flawless. Luckily enough, we have makeup on our sides to help us in the beauty department and enhance our undeniable good looks. All things considered, makeup can honestly be a life changing art form if you know how to apply it correctly. Try out some of the tips below to make your makeup game go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Winged Eyeliner:

It’s scientifically proven that every girl looks hotter with a cat-eye. If you’ve never rocked this look before, it can be intimidating to try, and trust us, practice truly does make perfect. Start out by taking your favorite eyeliner (we recommend liquid, but gel or pencil also work fine) and drawing a line from the corner of your eye upwards, toward the end of your eyebrow. Then, drag it downwards to meet the edge of your iris. Finish the look off by filling in that triangle and connecting the line to the inner corner of your eye. If you’re doubting your confidence, just remember: when your eyeliner is on point, your life is on point.

Highlighting / Contouring:

If you know what’s good for you, please refrain from using bronzer as a substitute for powder foundation. It only makes you look orange-y, like a younger version of Tanning Mom. Invest in a Contour Brush, and apply your bronzer by sweeping it around the hollows of your cheekbones (which you can find by making a fish face), temples, and jawline. To highlight, use a shimmery, cream product, like Benefit’s Watts Up, and blend it below the arch of your eyebrows, above your cheekbones, down your nose, and on your cupid’s bow (the curve of your upper lip).

Mascara Application:

One way to make your eyes really pop is to swipe your mascara wand horizontally against your outer lashes. By doing so, you are applying the mascara to the hard-to-reach eyelashes in the outer corner of your eye, which makes a surprisingly big difference! As a side note, don’t bother springing for the expensive sh*t, because mascara goes bad and should be replaced every few months.

Symmetrical Eyebrows:

Eyebrows are arguably the most defining feature of the face, so it’s important to take good care of them and to make sure they stand out. One of our biggest grievances is when girls over pluck their brows, and end up resembling Joey in that one episode of Friends when he goes to the waxing salon. We recommend buying an eyebrow pencil, like this one by Anastasia, and filling in your brows on a daily basis. Once we started, we never looked back.

Long-wear Lip Color

It’s universally known that no one wants to make out with a pair of crusty, pale, chapped lips. To make your lips look bold and kissable, apply your favorite lipstain lipstick and set it using a single ply piece of tissue and some powder foundation. Just dust the foundation over the tissue on your lips, and the color should last all day long!

There you have it, Collegiettes - the fundamentals of makeup that we’ve been acquiring since the 6th grade, from the first time we applied our raspberry Smackers. So, in the wise words of YSL:

“The most beautiful makeup on a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”