5 Ingredients to Being Happy

Everyone wants to be happy, but doing so can be hard with all the stress that life brings. Here are a few tips to improve your overall mood and bring you the happiness you deserve:

1. Improve on the things that negatively affect your life.

The most important thing to do when feeling down is to figure out what is causing it. Once you do this, you can find a way to stop this issue from affecting your life and your overall mindset. Either improve on the issue or get rid of it entirely. 

2. Get rid of toxic people. Consider the group of people you surround yourself with. Is there anyone that you get a bad vibe from? Anyone who seems to not want the best for you or tends to look at the world as a glass half empty? It may be hard, but it’s best to leave these people behind. They only bring negativity to your life.

3. Understand your worth. Whoever you are, you have value. Look deeply into yourself and find your best qualities. If you have to, write down a list of your favorite things about yourself and even a few of your accomplishments. When you’re feeling down you will always have this list to pick you back up again.

4. Never regret anything.The mistakes you've made have already happened and there’s no way to fix them. This is probably a good thing. Everything happens for a reason, and mistakes actually shape who you are and help you grow. Dwelling on your regrets definitely doesn't allow for positivity to enter your life.

5. Ask yourself your true reason for wanting to be happy.Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be surrounded by happiness. Do you want it to help you gain a more positive outlook in order to achieve a goal? Do you want to move on from a bad time in your life? Whatever it is, you have a motive for wanting happiness. Use that motive to push you towards ultimate serenity. 

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