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5 Hairstyles You Need for Summer

Summer’s right around the corner, and you know what that means, Collegiettes: soon, you’ll want to spend as little effort on your hair as possible, because you know the humidity is going to mess it up. So for the love of cute and easy hairstyles, here are five effortless ideas to keep your locks lookin’ good, even on those extra hot days.

1. The Topknot

Let’s throw it back to the summer of 2012, which is also known as the birth of the iconic “Miley bun.” While the star’s trendy knot no longer lives on, her look has remained a staple. Even cuter than the messy bun, the topknot keeps your hair tight and in place all day. It’s perfect to wear to the gym, the beach, or even just lounging around. We love it because it keeps your hair up and out of your face, which is ideal for hot weather. The best part? It takes less than a minute to do.

2. The Man Bun

Similar to the topknot, the man bun is easy and not just for hipster guys. By sporting the man bun, you get all the benefits of looking cute with your hair down while still having some of it out of your face. This is especially useful for the morning after, when your locks look good but your roots are super greasy.

3. Dutch Braids

A little more advanced than the regular braid, the dutch braid creates a casual but trendy look. It also doesn’t require heat, so it’s perfect to do if you’re in a rush or trying to keep your hair healthy. It also looks très chic at night paired with a smoky eye and bold lip. For some inspiration, look to Kim Kardashian and North West: they rock it.

4. Wigs

Speaking of the Kardashians, for the past year Kylie Jenner has been working a range of bold wigs. This can be pricier, but it’s definitely a statement move if you’re bored of your natural hair and feel like turning some heads. Even better, take a page from Kylie’s book and try an unexpected color, like electric blue or baby pink.

5. The Bob

If you’re just over your look, why not cut it all off? The “long hair don’t care” look was hot back in 2011, especially if you had a summer Tumblr blog, but now people are tired of dealing with hair that weighs a lot and reaches down to their lower backs. Cutting your hair short is freeing: you spend less time styling it, you don’t have to buy a new conditioner every two weeks, plus your head feels incredibly lighter. Mixing it up is always fun, and the cut is worth it. And for those attached to their length– don’t worry, it always grows back!


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