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5 Great Websites for Procrastinating or Taking a Study Break

With finals coming up, we’re all preparing for the long hours of cramming ahead of us. So, whether you’re taking a break from your studies or putting them off, these websites can provide some great entertainment – especially if you’re done checking your social media accounts.

1. Fark.com

Fark.com is a compilation of news headlines taken out of context, making them quite funny. If you’re simply looking for a laugh, you can just browse through the headlines. But if you also want the context from the articles, the headlines have links to the articles they come from. 

2. F My Life

This website basically a place for people to complain about their lives. Reading the submitters’ accounts of their mishaps and rotten luck gives you a sense of schadenfreude, deriving joy from other’s misery.

3. MapCrunch

Ever wanted to know what Ecuador looks like? How about Cambodia? Hungary? MapCrunch is basically a trip around the world. Click Go! and it will drop you on a random street anywhere in the world. It’s really quite interesting.

4. Cute Roulette 

What’s better than videos of cute animals? This website compiles short YouTube videos of animals doing cute and funny things, in random order, so each time you press “Next Cuteness” you could get anything from a squirrel getting a belly rub to a kitty playing with a duster.

5. What Should We Call Me?

Gifs for days. All very relatable and funny.

If none of these tickle your fancy, there’s still Her Campus. Happy studying, Collegiettes!

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