5 Fun Ways You Can Get Excited About Your Life: Inspired by Jenna Marbles

1. Go Thrifting with a twist and a friend...

In October of 2018 Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend, Julien Solomita, went to their local thrift store. In a (successful) attempt to make it more interesting, they played a game of 'Thrift Store Roulette.' The game begins by going to the section of clothes in your size and closing your eyes while placing your hand on the clothing rack. Next, your partner will say “go” and you move your hand along the rack until they say “stop”. Whichever piece of clothing your hand lands on, will be the one you take home. You can continue to do this until you both have an outfit or two. Jenna and Julien proceeded to give a fashion show, which was arguably the best part!


2. Tap Into Your Inner Artist

You do not have to be artistic to try any of these fun and creative pastimes. Last year, Jenna did a few videos involving paint. She started by following a Bob Ross tutorial. Next, she went on to doing an acrylic pour ft. Julien. Jenna’s most recent painting video was of her and Julien creating some abstract paintings. Art, whether coloring, painting, or making music can definitely be relaxing. Head to your local art supply retailer or to CVS for some afforable materials. In the videos, you can see that things did not always turn out how she imagined, but it was a fun experience nonetheless! No matter the outcome of your pieces, you end up having something new to hang in your space.


3. Decorate Your Space

Jenna and Julien bought their new house about 9 months ago. In the following videos they set out to try and decorate their home. These videos were inspiring because they didn't know where to begin (and it was kind of a trainwreck), much like the rest of us. Jenna hoped to at least find a stool for her vanity and she eventually did. You can start the decorating process in any way that you want, big or small. Another great way to decorate your space is with plants, which can also vary in size. Jenna recently spoke about her journey with house plants in a recent episode of her podcast. These decorations can come from anywhere; Amazon, Target, etc. There are always good deals out there if you look hard enough! Decorating your space can make a dorm seem more homey/welcoming, as well as being a fun way to express yourself. If you have a roommate, consider taking the trip to the store together and see if you have any common ideas about how you would like to decorate. 

4. Test Your Culinary Skills

Some of my personal favorite videos are of Jenna and Julien cooking for each other. If you have not experienced this already, sharing a meal with a person is a great way to get to know someone. You would be surprised how much you can learn about a person over a bowl of mac and cheese. Jenna and Julien used to have a regular segment on Julien's channel called J&J's Kitchen, and since then J&J have made some hilariously food centric videos. From making soup, cannoli's, Thanksgiving foods and garbage plates, there is a whole world to explore when it comes to *dysfunctional* cooking. All of the recipes they make are gluten-free and vegan. Even if it is spicing up a bowl of ramen, you and yours can enjoy a night in of cooking; a true bonding experience. 

5. Try a Beau-tuber hack

*ALWAYS* do your research prior to testing out a beauty hack. Jenna has been known to make some risky moves when it comes to hair dye, specifically with Just For Men products, but she also got me into a really useful beauty hack. A year ago Jenna posted a video called: Shaving My Face, it was a beauty hack that I had never tried but wanted to learn more about. Jenna is a really conscientious person, (in her Virgo nature of course) so after her successful go at it, I did it too. It was worth it. Jenna also included some other influencers who shaved their faces too, which were also super helpful to watch. Recently Jenna has gone on to explore at home lash extensionsfinding the BEST mascara to CRY in, and making faux freckles work for her. Self-care is so important so again make sure you do your research before trying any of these out.

I hope these inspire you to enjoy life more. My best advice is to not sweat the small stuff. We all have bad days, and when you have em' head on over to Jenna or Julien's channel for a laugh. You won't regret it! ;)




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