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5 Fun Things to do With Your Roommate

Bonding with your roommate is an essential part of college. No one wants to sit in their dorm plagued by boredom. Try these five ideas for keeping you and your roommate busy for the rest of the semester. 

1. Go Adventuring

This broad term may include a walk around campus, driving to the mall, or anything that gets you out of the room. Depending on the weather, which right now seems like a white blanket covering campus, you can go to the movies or on a ski trip. And on the sunnier days venture out to a local mountain for a hike or walk around the shops in the center of town.

2. Go to the Gym 

Everyone needs a little extra motivation to exercise, and your roommate can be the perfect person to get you to the gym. Work on your beach bods so you’ll be ready for spring break.

3. Wine Night

Kick back, relax, have some cheese and crackers, gossip a bit and share lots of laughs. Unfortunately, on a broke college girl budget, you may have have to settle for boxed wine. And of course this is for if you are over 21, otherwise enjoy some sparkling cider.

4. Binge-Watch Netflix

Set up a new series that you and your roommate can watch religiously. Hopefully you have someone’s Netflix password to use.

5. Go on a Breakfast Date

Instead of settling for the same old food you get at the dining hall, try a family-owned coffee shop in the center of town or in Northampton.

Happy bonding Collegiettes!                                                             

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