5 Books to Read This Winter Break

Winter break is usually a time of relaxation and holiday cheer. You can finally hang out with friends at home, watch a lot of Netflix and eat a ton. But eventually, between all those shifts you may be working and Netflix series you finish, you may find yourself bored. Here are a few novels that will definitely change your winter break! Check them out:

1. The Selection Series

This series is my favorite one ever, and that means something because I’ve read countless novels. It takes place in the future in Illea, when America no longer exists. Illea operates on a caste system as well as a monarchy. When the prince is ready for marriage, the country holds a “selection,” which is a competition for women to become princess. The selection is sort of where The Bachelor meets The Hunger GamesThough, when the main character, America, gets chosen to be in the selection and neither wants to be in it nor become the princess, a lot unfolds.
It is written by the amazing Kiera Cass and starts with The Selection, followed by The Elite, The One and​ The Heir. The last and final novel comes out in January and is called The Crown. It is also in the works to become a movie! Read them. You’ll become addicted.
2. All Fall Down
This novel is full of adventure, plot twists, sad moments, and some love triangles. It is written by Ally Carter and is the first book of a series called Embassy Row. It is about a girl named Grace whose mother was killed, and she must live with her grandfather, a powerful ambassador in Embassy Row.
Grace's past haunts her and everyone thinks she’s crazy in this exciting book. She tries to solve the mystery of who killed her mother and get revenge on the murderer. There is a big plot twist at the end, and it makes the book a thousand times more amazing than it would be without it. The second novel, See How They Run, comes out December 22nd, which is so soon!
3. Heist Society
This novel is part of a trilogy by Ally Carter as well. It is about Kat Bishop, who is the ultimate thief, and comes from a long line of thieves. Not to give too much away, but she has to go on adventures and missions in several novels to save her family and friends. After Heist Society, the other novels are Uncommon Criminals and Perfect Scoundrels. There is also an adorable romantic interest named W. W. Hale V. This series also might become a movie as well!
4. Watch Me

This novel is about Ally, a freshman in college who has won the chance to be on a reality tv show. Everyone watches her college life--including her love life, consisting of a long-distance boyfriend and cute new cast member--unfold. It’s a new take on college as a freshman, that’s for sure.

5. The Thing About the Truth
This novel is about Kelsey, a girl who just got kicked out of her school for doing something pretty insane, and Isaac--a senator’s son who has been kicked out of more schools than he can count. They both hate each other at first and think of each other as a brat and a snob. Over time, they start to fall for each other, until the truth finally comes out and some secrets are spilled.
Check these out and have a fun winter break, Collegiettes!
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