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The 5 Best Short Hair Looks For Spring: Modeled By Your Favorite Celebs

It is no secret that long hair has been the trend for years now. Different colors, highlights, beach waves, silky straight, extensions, we have seen it all. But if you are at the point where it’s becoming too much to handle, or you want to try a more polished and adult look, these hairstyles have it. Taking the plunge can be scary, but there are many benefits to cutting your hair such as less time getting ready and having healthier hair. Even the stars are chopping it all off into sleek and classy looks that are fun and youthful. Here are 5 of the hottest short hairstyles to inspire you to chop it all off.

1. The Long Bob: This style is fantastic for anyone skeptical about going too short. Keeping long layers allows for a quick grow-out if the style isn’t what you want, or an opportunity to go shorter if you love it! Playing with multidimensional color like Jessica Alba in this photo creates a rich and fun look as well! Add more baylage highlights for a beachy look, or darken things up for a more dramatic, old-hollywood look. 

Favorite Part Of This Style: You can still flat iron, curl, wave, scrunch, and do up-dos the way you did with long hair, there is just less hair to handle. Keeping long layers will prevent pieces from falling out and excessive use of bobby pins when you just want to put it up.

2. The Angled Bob: This style is heavily angled for a dramatic look that will enhance bone structure. With shorter pieces in back and longer layers in the front, this asymmetrical style is daring and sure to make a statement. (I mean, like, obviously if Beyoncé is wearing it…) 

Favorite Part of this Style: Beyoncé is wearing it. You will have the same hair as Beyoncé.

3. The Sassy Pixie: I will be the first to say it: this is BOLD. It is a drastically short style with a lot of layers and leaves nothing to hide behind. But I LOVE it. If there is anyone brave enough to do this style other than JLaw, you have my approval. She got a lot of flack for this, but I think she looks more beautiful and confident than ever. There is also a lot of opportunity for trying a bold hair color, or going back to your natural color by cutting off all the dyed hair you have on your head. This style is definitely the glammest of the glam.

Favorite Part of This Style: The confidence that will practically ooze out of you when you rock it.

4. The Bangin Bob: Adding bangs to a bob is adorable, and very adult-looking at the same time. Think of how cute it will look tied in a little chignon, or ponytail, or half-up… the possibilities are endless. And nobody does the adorable adult quite like Rashida Jones. You go girl. 

Favorite Part of this Style: The potential styling, as well as color experimentation. Rashida’s ombre looks awesome and makes me wonder what else you can do as far as coloring. So fun!

5. The Tiny Bob: A cross-hybrid between the pixie and the bob, the tiny bob is the perfect happy medium. 

Favorite Part of this Style: The low maintenance, and polished-looking factor. You practically roll out of bed looking like cover-girl Emma Watson. Ahh, the perks of being a beauty queen. (See what I did there?)

Chop, chop! Dare to be different, Collegiettes!

Photo Sources: Cover12345.


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