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The 5 Best Fitness Classes to Try This Semester

People say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. I don’t care much for that figure of speech. I want cake. And I want to eat it. Thanks to our Campus Recreation Center, you can strive for the body you want AND treat yourself to a slice of Antonio’s Pizza, too. Hot cheese up front. 

There aren’t many universities that offer over 100 fitness classes a week. It gives us a lot of opportunity to explore new classes, test our bodies both physically and mentally, and create a schedule that works. After all, working out is all about finding a routine and sticking to it.

The best part about group fitness classes is the ability to fuel your own motivation through the people around you.  Everyone in the room is there for a similar reason: to get a good workout. If you see the girl next to you kicking butt, you’ll want to kick butt too. It’s a girl thing, it’s a competitive thing, and it’s a good thing!

Below are just a handful of my favorite fitness classes available this semester. Take my word for it: you won’t find a better workout anywhere else. As always, you can find more information about each class on the UMass Campus Recreation website.

1. “Ditch the workout, Join the Party” – ZUMBA

Michelle, Zumba Instructor:  “I try to make my Zumba classes as much of a workout as I possibly can choreograph, while also keeping it very fun so that you don’t notice how hard you are working your entire body at once. It makes you enjoy the class as well as see many positive results, a combination which I hope will make you come back again and again!”

Michelle makes you feel sexy and confident as you move to the beat. Take it from me, a girl who rarely will dance in public. Rhythm isn’t something I was blessed with. But Michelle knew how to kick me into gear. Check out Michelle’s class: Sunday at 5:00PM, Tuesday at 7:15PM, and Wednesday at 8:00PM and Thursday at 6:30PM.

2. “Target those Glamour Muscles” – DANCE CONDITIONING

Amanda, Dance Conditioning Instructor: “Dance Conditioning is a class that focuses on full body conditioning not only for dancers, but for ANYONE looking to strengthen and tone up! This workout incorporates some intense cardio and will include routines that focus on whipping arms, abs, legs, and glutes into shape, resulting in a tightened and toned dancer physique. This class is set to upbeat and highly motivating music and will leave you feeling toned all over.”

Amanda has a huge following on Facebook, so you know her class must be good. Hang out with Amanda on Mondays at 5:15PM, Wednesdays/Fridays at 4:45PM

3. “Increase Strength & Endurance” – CARDIO KICKBOXING

Alyssa, Instructor, Class of 2014: “Cardio kickboxing is an intense workout that is both challenging and fun at the same time. I incorporate movements that will increase strength as well as endurance and never fail to leave participants sweating.”

Alyssa has a great reputation at the Rec. Center. Her high intensity class combined with her energetic personality creates the best possible workout environment. Join Alyssa on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 6:30PM

4. “You Did What???” – INSANITY

Katie, Instructor: “This class is a high intensity Interval training class combining strength and cardio moves. It has a reputation of being crazy hard, but the combination of good music, motivation and being surrounded by others who share your goals and passions make this class a whole lot of fun! It is do-able at any level since there are low impact modifications given.”

Katie’s class is one of a kind. It challenges you mentally and physically. If you really want to sweat, check her out on Mondays 8:00AM, Wednesdays 11:00AM, Fridays 6:30PM Saturday 3:00PM

5. “That Saddle Hurts My Butt” – SPINNING

I’m a little bias here for the last one. I fell in love with Spinning about four years ago, decided to get certified, and haven’t looked back since. I teach Spinning and love to recruit new “Spinners” to fall in love with the workout I look forward to the most.  Spinning is a workout that YOU create and incorporates an hour of cardio, interval training, and helps you tone your legs, arms, and abdominals. 

If you’re ready to give it a whirl, come join me in the Spinning room Mondays 12:30PM, Wednesdays 7:00PM, Thursdays 5:45PM and Fridays 12:30PM

There are over twenty classes available to you and your friends. Be sure to check out the ones above along with all of the others listed on the Group Fitness Schedule. Have fun, Collegiettes™!

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