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5 Adorable Local Breakfast Spots You Should Know About

If you live off campus, or ever wake up early on a weekend morning, take a trip to a local restaurant. Instead of grabbing a coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin’ (which is always a good choice, don’t get me wrong), try supporting a small business. Not only do each of these spots sport their own unique aesthetic, they also offer a variety of meals, drinks and baked goods. Get out and explore with your tastebuds this weekend!

1. Cushman Market and Café

Just a five minute drive from campus, the Cushman Market and Café is half general store, offering breakfast and lunch. Each table is decorated with its own piece of artwork, and their Maple Madness tea is a must-have. 

2. The Lone Wolf

Recently renovated and with an array of funky, original pieces of art all over the walls, the Lone Wolf offers an extensive menu with quite a large vegan option as well. 

3. Bread and Butter

Beautifully, modernly furnished inside and just off the campus, Bread and Butter offers quite a deluxe and sumtuous menu of meals to choose from. 

4. Sylvester’s Northampton

Right in downtown Northampton, Sylvester’s Resaurant offers breakfast and lunch, as well as takeout, and everything on their menu comes with a gluten-free option. They also won the 2015 Valley Advocate Best of the Valley Reader’s Poll for Best Brunch, and Best Breakfast. 

5. Glazed

Not only for breakfast hours — many of my friends and I have realized — Glazed is open until midnight on weekdays, and 2:00 a.m. on weeknds. With a mouth-wateringly delicious selection of doughnuts to choose from, you can find two stores both in Northampton and downtown Amherst. 

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