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5 for 7: Five DIY Halloween Costumes for Under Seven Dollars

Halloween season is coming up. Are you a girl on a budget? Check out these quick, easy, and cheap Halloween costume ideas for the season all $7 or less!

1. The kitty cat: It may be the most typical of all Halloween costumes, but it still can be cute and easy if done the right way. Buy a headband at Claire’s ($2) and a bag of black pipe cleaners ($1).  You can easily twist and mold those pipe cleaners into ears to connect to the headband and a tail. Now all you have to do is go through your closet and experiment with the best black dress, sweater or tank to fit your style.

2. The bunny: For this costume just pick up some white, pink, or black pom-poms ($1) and bunny ears ($3) from Party City and you’re set. Just like the kitty cat you can explore your closet to see which look is the best for the night.

3. The pumpkin: Love the color orange? Then this is the costume for you. Pick up an orange beanie from Forever 21 ($5.95) then take some green string ($1) and weave it into the top of the hat. To finish off your outfit throw on your favorite orange shirt, and there you go – you’re a pumpkin!

4. The construction worker: To be a construction worker it’s plain and simple! First purchase a hard hat at a local dollar store ($4.99) and then purchase a roll of caution tape ($2.99). This tape can be wrapped around a tank top, a dress, anything! And there you go – cute, different, and funky.

5. The ‘morning after’ girl: This might be the cheapest of all cheap Halloween costumes. All you have to do is go steal a big buttoned down shirt and socks from your best guy friend. Then just wear your cutest lace bra and voila! All you have to buy is some hairspray ($5) to make your hair look super messy.

Happy Halloween Collegiettes!

Just keep smiling! I love hanging out with my friends, movies, and staying fit. I love Umass Amherst and hope to bring a little insight and flare into your life with some advice, tips, and tricks I have up my sleeve.
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