40 Things To Put On Your Summer 2014 Bucket List


It’s April and summer is just around the corner! (Can you believe it?) Time flies by so quickly, so it’s important to always make the most of things. You only have a limited amount of summer breaks so try to make this summer memorable, no matter what you might be doing. A fun thing to do might be making a summer bucket list by writing down a list of things, trying to complete it all, and documenting your trials with pictures in a scrapbook or on Instagram! Here are a few suggestions to add to your summer bucket list for 2014!

1. Go a whole day without any technology.

2. Have an all-day, all-night PJ movie day with friends (chick-flick or Disney movie marathon anyone?!).

3. Go to a concert.

4. Take a road trip (even if it is just to a new town for a day!).

5. BEACH!!!

6. Try out a "Wreck-This Journal" - a journal that brings out your creativity by telling you to do something on each page and you interpret it how you'd like.

7. Watch and do a Bethany Mota YouTube tutorial (there are great bow-making, outfits, and makeup ones!).

8. Read a John Green book - (my favorite is "The Fault In Our Stars") Or just read any good book you've heard about.

9. Get a sun-tattoo.

10. Go to a drive-in movie theatre.

11. Go drool at the screen and see The Neighbors with Zac Efron and Dave Franco out May 9th!

12. Go on a hike and take a moment to notice the beauty of this life.

13. Summer bracelets!!!

14. Bake something you've never made before. (Check out our Pinterest or any food blog for recipes or one of our articles!)

15. Do some yoga.

16. Go tubing!

17. Have a water gun/water balloon fight.

18. Bonfire & s'mores.

19. Send a message in a bottle.

20. Attempt to make a blanket fort.