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4 Reasons Why I Dread the Summer-to-Fall Transition

Picture this: it’s the last week of August, you are freaking out that summer is about to end, and you realize you won’t have as much freedom once fall starts. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall like most people do: the smell of the autumn air, apple cider donuts, carving pumpkins, and (of course) the excitement of dressing up in costumes and feasting with close ones on Thanksgiving. However, the time frame from summer to fall is tough, as there are many adjustments to be made. 

Inconsistent Weather

The New England fall weather is always unpredictable, even if you have checked the weather app. There is a struggle of deciding what to wear for the day because the weather is always changing. In the morning, it’s 55 degrees, but it reaches up to 75 degrees by noon and I am already drowning in sweat walking to my classes. I constantly go back and forth about whether I should wear layers (just in case) so I can take them off whenever it gets too hot. But it’s the part of stuffing that sweatshirt in my backpack that weighs me down. I usually can only wear a sweater for half the day without anyone seeing my fall outfit. The weather change is inconvenient and bothersome. 

Time Change

No more long summer nights, hanging outside in that perfect slight breeze with the fire pit roasting. Starting towards the middle of August, you can gradually see the sun set a little earlier than usual. The shorter days approach, and the day ends earlier. With the sun setting sooner, it leads me to be more tired than I usually am and having less motivation. It is devastating to see it be dark outside when it’s only 6:00 p.m. 

Start of School

The thought of starting school gives me mixed feelings, even though the anxiety takes over more than the excitement. It’s a lot to handle: meeting new friends and working to find new habits. Having to balance everything with academics, clubs, and relationships is a hard adjustment. It takes time and a lot of patience to get through it. There’s also the idea of adapting to a new schedule that’s more structured, and filled with obligations and expectations when we were so used to and comfortable with our lifestyle in the summer. Similarly, my anxiety chokes me if I feel I didn’t accomplish enough from the summer and feel an urge of guilt, wanting an extension of the summer. 

Summer Activities are Over

The smell of the sunscreen lingering in the air makes me want to live in those days again. I would spend my days off at the beach, basking in the sun, and having the ability to cool off in the water when I wanted. There were no true obligations in the summer; it was a time of independence and relief. I was able to always see my friends, work a job, and travel around. But now is the anticipation of when fall is about to hit, having to eliminate all of the summer joys until next year. 

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Brianna Lee

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Brianna is a sophomore at UMass double majoring in Communication Disorders and Public Health. She likes to play volleyball in her free time and spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys traveling, going on adventures and trying new food. This is her first semester on HER campus.
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