4 Lessons That Make Schitt’s Creek More Than Just a Comedy

Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian sitcom that first made its debut on CBC television and then made its way onto Netflix, has seemingly taken the world by storm. With its final season having aired this past year, it has already swept early in awards season by taking home nine Emmys and winning the comedy category completely in late September. Though the series is known for its peak comedy and lighthearted banter, there are many heartwarming messages throughout the series that make it so much more than just a sitcom. 

  1. 1. Vulnerability

    Compared to the first season, the show explores vulnerability throughout the whole series. The Rose family is brought together in a way that was completely foreign to them in the beginning. We see the relationships with these characters grow and develop, and watch how they become comfortable opening up and reflecting on their lives with each other as they rely on others for support during the hard times of their lives. Some examples of this are shown in David’s relationship with Patrick, Alexis admitting her feelings for Ted, Moira’s anxiety about her acting career, Johnny’s concerns about keeping the family afloat – and the list goes on. By going through all of these experiences together, actually living together and being a real family for the first time, (rather than the luxurious but isolating lifestyle they previously lived) their characters grow and learn through their humility. 

  2. 2. Representation and inclusion

    A lesson that this show handles extremely well is representation, particularly in terms of David coming to terms with his sexuality. In the early seasons, David is honest about his sexual exploration and the possibility of him being pansexual, which is something that is not often discussed in television or in the spotlight at all. The show sheds light on how being curious is okay, and you can explore the things that you like with or without labels.

  3. 3. Pursue your dreams, even if it can be daunting or scary

    Throughout the series, many characters go through different obstacles and come to many crossroads in their lives where they have to make decisions about their futures and decide whether a leap to achieve their goals is worth the risk. Alexis goes back to finish high school and then pursues her degree, Stevie takes the lead role in Cabaret, and David opens his own business, to list a few examples. Watching all of these characters work for their goals and push themselves out of their comfort zones, even if they’re scared, reinforces the lesson that going for what you dream about is always worth it. 

  4. 4. When life gives you lemons..

    With the premise of the series being built around the Rose family having to move to a small town and downsizing from the luxurious lifestyle they’re always accustomed to, they’ve consistently had to adjust to the new situations they face. While they never expected to have to downsize their lives and become owners of a motel in a small town, their persistence with the way they rebuilt their lives after losing everything they owned truly shows how you can build a meaningful life for yourself no matter where you are (though it may not always be in the way one expects).

While this show is humorous and can always provide a great laugh after a hard day, the basis of family and heartwarming moments weaved into the storyline bring an added layer of comfort that makes this show one that many have fallen in love with around the world.

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