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4 Clothing Items That Never Fail to Spice Up Your Wardrobe (Especially If You’re Running Late)

Every Collegiette always wants to look their absolute best. However, let’s face it: sometimes a Collegiette’s dreams of looking stylish are dashed by the fact that they’re running late. Have no fear! While you may not have the time to experiment with your fashion sense, there are always fashionable clothing items that bring life to your outfits in 10 seconds flat (it may take you more time to put them on, but if you’re a pro at running late like me, it really does take 10 seconds). Here are my 4 must have items that never fail to spice up your wardrobe.

1. Heeled Ankle Boots

For me, ankle boots are the perfect, quick-fix fashion accessory. Not only do they come in a variety of colors and styles, the short-cut boot can also be easily paired with several different varieties of looks. I always tend to pair my ankle boots either with rolled up skinny jeans or patterned tights and skirts. As a bonus, the shoes are quick and easy to get on, ergo a must have for any Collegiette who’s rushing out the door!

2. Bright Blazers

Blazers are perfect for office settings and even more perfect for spicing up your day-to-day outfits. Wearing a bright blazer gives your outfit a stunning pop of color as well as a level of sophistication that many Collegiettes love to exude in their style. Like with ankle boots, you can similarly pair blazers with almost any outfit, so they’re a must have for any wardrobe!

3. Floral Tops

Spring is upon us, and there’s no better way to stylishly embrace the season than by donning a floral top. I’ve always found that floral tops add extra flare to my outfits and tend to always put me in a great mood. I tend to pair my floral tops with dark leggings and ankle boots, but floral tops allow you to get creative, so try them with a number of different outfits! Floral tops, like bright blazers, never fail to give you that ounce of sophistication that makes you look like you’re on top of fashion trends.

4. Pendant Necklace

While I’m head over heels obsessed with all kinds of jewelry, I’m always drawn to wearing pendant necklaces with my outfits. Compared to other necklaces, they offer simplistic sophistication to any outfit, making them a must have for my own personal wardrobe. My favorite pendant necklace is actually one that wasn’t a necklace to begin with; my best friend bought me a silver heart Pandora charm as a gift and I chose to pair it with a silver chain to make it my own keepsake necklace. Having a simple necklace that’s both stylish and holds sentimental value not only adds more flair to my outfits as a whole, but also brightens my mood and helps me to have better days. Any Collegiette looking for extra fashion flair and an added mood booster should definitely look for a pendant necklace!

While you can choose any of these essential items to spice up your wardrobe, pairing them together creates the ultimate “must have” outfit that all your friends will be raving over. That, and the fact that they all take seconds to pair with outfits, make these four clothing items must have for any Collegiette looking for a fast and easy way to look stylish and on point.


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