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4 Benefits That Will Make You Want To Ice Your Face Daily

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

While it may be strange, icing your face daily is one of those recent wellness trends that can make your skincare routine easier and more affordable. While it is free and easy to do, icing is a natural hack and does not need any chemicals or creams. You can use an ice cube or go above and beyond and freeze a cucumber or even aloe. If this hasn’t convinced you already, it can help you wake up in the morning too!

Reduces Dark Circles

This is the most common way to reduce dark circles naturally. It not only reduces the puffiness around the eyes but it helps reduce the blood vessels which are what make up dark circles. This occurs because of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps drain fluids that have leaked from blood vessels into tissues around the body. The coolness of the ice helps with that aspect of drainage in those blood vessels in your face and can help reduce swelling. The ice helps drain toxins and fluids, reducing the dark circles under your eyes! What would be even more beneficial is freezing cucumbers and resting those on your eyes for better effects.

brightens your face

Once again the ice helps confine blood vessels, which gives your face a brighter look. You will notice any redness in your face go away and your complexion will even out overall. It is like using a jade roller except it’s free and more effective! As mentioned before, adding cucumber or aloe can help hydrate and radiate your face as well and even help reduce the skincare products you use.

diminishes pores & wrinkles

Icing helps tighten the skin which reduces wrinkles in a more natural way. You can say goodbye to the $50 retinol creams and serums! Ice tightens the skin which helps minimize pores and helps with blood circulation. While this will not help get rid of wrinkles entirely, it can help make them less noticeable in a natural way.

minimizes blemishes

No more blemishes! The ice minimizes acne but it’s important to note that it does not completely get rid of it. It targets inflammation and swelling. This is due to the cold aspect of the ice which drains any excess oil and dirt from the lymphatic system that helps reduce swelling. While icing will help with oily skin, it means the skin will get dry so it is essential to find a good moisturizer.

Icing your face can be very beneficial, but it is important to understand that you should only be icing your face once a day. When icing, you should keep consistent movement by not keeping the ice on the same part of your skin for too long as you can get frostbite on your face too! You should also use a towel or napkin to protect your fingers. Make sure you rub the ice cube in circular motions and it is crucial to moisturize afterward so your skin doesn’t dry out. Now bring out those ice trays and start icing your face to get a more natural look!

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