31 Signs You're a Shopaholic

You’ve had a horrible day. You woke up really late, had to run to class, and split coffee ALL OVER the person sitting in front of you in lecture & received 100 much-deserved death-stares. Then, you figured out you’re wearing one brown and one black shoe. You go to Orgo & find out you bombed that test that you studied really hard for. (But who passes Orgo exams anyway… right….) You finally get back to your dorm really late after work & then remember that you have a FIVE page essay due tomorrow. Bad days like this are common occurrences to everybody – except maybe Beyoncé. But, you know how to fix them.

You know just the thing that will turn your frown upside-down & help your mood. You open your laptop & pull up the page—yes, it’s one of the most beautiful sights you’ve ever seen, right in front of you. “SALE, 20% OFF EVERYTHING, 2 FOR ONE” is plastered all over your favorite store’s website. “Well… maybe just one thing. I need to take ahold of this opportunity,” you tell yourself. “I need a pick-me-up,” you think as you use your bad day as an excuse. Soon you’ve added 10 items to your bag that you could possibly do without. You’re a shopaholic. It’s sadly become a very common "disorder," typical to broke college ladies. Lucky for you, here’s a list of diagnosis for this addictive compulsion-- 31 signs of a shopaholic -- so you can notice if you/your friends are becoming victims to this addiction. Collegiettes, don’t deny your problem.

1) Phrases such as “Buy One Get One Free,” “X Percent Off!” and the forever favorite “FREE SHIPPING” suck you in quicker than quicksand.


2) Online shopping is the downfall of your bank account.



3) You consistently check your shipping tracker for your online purchases & hope to see them coming in sooner, but you're always left disappointed.


4) What it feels like going to the mall with no money for you…


5) You get waaaay too happy when you see a yellow bag from F21 or your other favorite stores.

6) Every time you check your bank account:

7) You have too many extra shopping bags that end up filling up your room -- but you save them anyway just in case...

8) “Did you say free shipping?”

9)      “THIS IS SO CUTE I NEED ….” *checks price tag*

10)   You watching “The Purge” :

11)   You daydream of cute outfits to wear to your next social outing in class…

12)   *Someone compliments your outfit*

           your reaction:

13)   Your Tumblr page is filled with photos of adorable outfits that you wish you could have…

14)   You take Pinterest waaay too seriously & have multiple boards dedicated to various outfits/styles/accessories -- like anything from “just jewelry,” to “cute tops,” to “adorable laced dresses that flare at the end and leave your legs looking perf”

15)   Etsy is your religion -- and it's a problem.

16)   Where.to.get app (which basically lets you post any picture & helps you find out where to get that outfit/accessory) is nothing short of the most vital app on your phone

17)   Your heart starts beating really fast when you see the mailman dropping off a package at your house…

18)   You envision your future closet to look like this:

19)   You watch Fashion Police & red carpet specials before award shows like no other  -- practically taking notes. 

20)   Vogue is the Bible for your shopping soul.



21)   "Confessions of a Shopaholic" isn’t just a movie.

22)   “Jesus, is that you?” - your reaction to seeing the pictures below


23)   Where your real outfit obsession started:

24)   You’d literally give anything to have as much money as and the shopping ability like Blair Waldorf  does (& preferably with Chuck coming as a package deal)

25)   You have a countless style goddesses & icons

26)  You find yourself frequently making excuses to shop:  “Okay like, I can pick up another shift at work next week, but this sale is only going on for today.” – you


27)   Life mottos:






28)   You whispered “same” or “story of my life” when you just read that. ^

29)   You have an obsession with an article/style of clothing – glitter, plaid, bows, Lilly pattern "First Impression" — and anytime you see it, you convince yourself it’s an opportunity you need to grasp.

30)   Your closet is obsessively neat or there’s not enough room for anything … there is no in-between.

31)   When your shipping tracker says “delivered” and it hasn’t arrived yet:

*Now if you've related to half of this list, chances are you're an a shopaholic. Put the debit card away & slowly back away from the merchandise!

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