3 Misconceptions About Being a Twin

Most ​people absolutely dread coming up with a fun fact for ice breakers on the first day of school or other similar situations. I, on the other hand, have one right in my back pocket ... or in the bedroom next to mine at home, rather

I'm a twin. Her name is Jamie and we couldn't be more different. People almost never guess that we’re twins. We look, think and act in completely different ways. In elementary school, our school bus dropped us off at the end of our street and the kids on our bus thought that we were just neighbors who would walk home together. Being a twin my whole life, I’ve been asked countless questions about what it’s like. However, after a while, those same questions get tiresome. So if you’re curious about what it’s like to be a twin, let's start by debunking some myths.

1. We communicate via ESP.

So many people have asked this question. Somewhere, a long time ago, rumors started that twins can actually communicate via extrasensory perception. In other words, people think that we can read each other's minds. While there are some weird moments when Jamie and I know what the other is thinking, I would attribute that just to spending a lot of time together rather than a supernatural twin power. But who knows?

2. We have all the same interests.

This one resonates super strongly with my sister and I. People often assume that twins are best friends, do everything together and have the same interests. However, Jamie and I could not be more different in many ways. Sure, we spend a ton of time at home together and get along really well, but all throughout our academic careers, we’ve had different school friends and vastly different interests. For this specific questions, it honestly depends on the set of twins and their personalities that decides whether or not they have the same interests and enjoy spending time with the same people.

3. We look the same, or even alike.

This is the big shocker when it comes to Jamie and I. Ever since we were born, we have looked absolutely nothing alike. She has auburn-red hair, while I’m a sandy brunette. Her skin is porcelain with no freckles and mine is much more tan. People almost don’t believe us when we reveal that we’re twins. It’s crazy to us too, though. Jamie is kind of the odd-ball in my house where, with a last name like Tasiopoulos, my family is full of dark-haired, dark-eyed people with olive skin. However, in my opinion, not looking alike is definitely easier because while people don’t necessarily believe that we’re twins, it has given us our own sense of individuality much easier.

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