3 Cute DIYs to Spice Up Your Room as We Turn a New Leaf Into Falltime

Who doesn’t love a cozy, good smelling, well decorated room to match the season? As lovely as the rooms on Tumblr, Instagram, and VSCO look--the sad reality is that a lot of that stuff costs money, and often lots of it. Don’t panic just yet, though. Be your own savior and take matters into your own hands with these three adorable D.I.Y. ways to spice up your room in time for the peak of fall!

1. Decorate with painted leaves. 

This one is quite simple, ladies. All you need is some dry fallen leaves, a paintbrush, and red, blue, yellow, and white acrylic paint. Make sure the leaves are clean, then paint them white for a popping background. Acrylic paint dries quickly, so let it set for about 10-minutes and then carry on. Paint on whatever you may desire, whether it be a snowy mountain scene, a cozy bonfire, a cute puppy, or just you and your S.O.’s initials in a heart. Make as many as you would like, and then hang them up around your room or attach them to a string of fairy lights on your wall for an atmosphere enhancing light show!

2. Decorate with hanging twine balls. 

Again, these are easy as 1, 2, 3. For this woodsy craft, you will need some balloons (as round as possible), some twine, some saran wrap, and some modge podge. Inflate the balloon to a desirable size, cover the balloon in saran wrap, then randomly wrap the twine around and around until you reach the desired effect. Make sure the twine is secure on the balloon, and then cover it in modge podge. Allow it to dry overnight, then pop the balloon and there you have it! These adorable balls are perfect to hang around small lightbulbs, or just hand from the ceiling. For a more colorful touch, paint the twine lightly after it dries overnight, or glue on some sparkles (or glitter) for a fairy-like glimmer. 

3. Decorate using wax window “stains”.

This craft is a little more time consuming, but it can really put your room in a different light (literally). To make your “stains”, you will need a wax baking sheet (the size depends on the size of the stain you would like to make), candles of different colors (in this case, make them more autumn-y), some clear nail polish, and some strong, clear tape or string. To make the “stains”, take the baking sheet, and flip it shiny side up, while making sure it’s completely flat. Next, draw out the design of your stamp on the paper. Light your candle, and start dripping wax inside the lines of your design. Keep going until you fill the shape and use as many colors as you’d like. Once you fill the shape, let it cool for an hour. Next, clean up the borders by cutting away extra wax. To make sure your wax sticks together, cover the design in clear nailpolish. Let it dry, then gently take the design off of the baking sheet and cover the back in nailpolish as well. Once both sides are dry, either stick the “stain” on your window using strong, clear tape or hang it near a light source using a string. The light passing through will cast different colored hues all over your room, giving it a more exciting vibe.

I hope you enjoyed these little arts and crafts, and take a moment to make a few of them. You could also consider these crafts as activities for children, especially if you babysit, have younger siblings or relatives, or have kids of your own! It’s a perfect way to relax (it is midterm season, after all) or to spend a rainy day inside with friends and family. 

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