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25 Weird Things UMass Students Bond Over

UMass is full of thousands of unique students. However, there are some parts of attending school here we all tend to bond over. Whether chatting with friends or meeting new people at a party, you can bet these topics will make everyone feel included and probably laugh. We love you, UMass, and all of your quirks. 

1. Tracking the migration patterns of the campus pond geese

The “water chickens,” as they are often fondly called, are one of the weirdest things UMass students bond over. It’s a big deal when they return in the spring or stay for an unreasonable amount of time in the fall. 

2. Getting lost in Morrill

Whether you’re a freshman or senior, you have literally no clue where you’re going.

3. Outrage at the Hasbrouck fence

Why, UMass, WHY? You couldn’t have put in stairs instead?

4. The addictive bagels at Harvest

Either you’ve tried them or people tell you you need to try them.

5. Almost flying away when walking by the library

Our most talked about bond, without a doubt. 

6. Cursing pathway-blocking construction

“This couldn’t have waited until summer?!”

7. Not being able to find a seat in Berk

Raise your hand if you’ve walked around like an idiot for twenty minutes.

8. Frank Stank

Some say it’s a myth, others swear by its existence.

9. The loss of Hamp burritos (RIP)

Seriously, we will never get over this.

10. Parking miles from campus

Potentially a slight exaggeration, but it sure feels like it (especially when you’re walking up from Lot 12 and are already late for class).

11. How administration handles Blarney

A constant topic of conversation, no matter the time of year.

12. The treks everyone made to Phillips Street and Puffton as large groups of freshmen

“Aww, remember when we used to do that?”

13. An irrational hatred of iClickers

Especially when you spend $40 on one and use it once.

14. Complaining that all of the dorms don’t have AC

Yes, Honors College Residents, we get it.

15. The Southwest riot of ’13 (Go Sox!)

The final out on the big screen courtesy of Koji.

16. The unbeatable leg workout from walking up the Hill

Do we even need the Rec. Center?

17. Feeling like a sardine on the bus on Friday night

Let’s just say it’s a quick way to make friends with your fellow students. 

18. Trying to dodge tour groups and getting stuck in the middle of them


19. Almost getting killed by a bicycle

Hey UMass, why did you get rid of the bike lanes?

20. Almost getting killed by a skate/longboarder

I mean, I’m just trying to get back to my dorm. Please don’t hit me. 

21. The best study floors in the library

Let’s be real, everyone has a favorite.

22. How annoying people who use their laptops while sitting in front of a desktop computer are

Really? You know there are 23 FLOORS of empty desks, right?

23. How it’s okay to call it ZooMass if you actually go here

As soon as someone who goes to a different school says it, you get defensive.

24. Walking 35 minutes to class

You just roll your eyes when your friends complain about their ten minute walks

25. How awesome it is

No matter what, you love this place and are grateful for the students you get to share this experience with. 

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