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Ready to start your sustainable fashion journey?

Tote Bags 

Tote bags are such a cute way to carry all your groceries. I love seeing the foldable ones that can be wrapped up and kept in your purse in case you do a quick shopping trip. Tote bags are great because they help cut down the amount of plastic bags and paper bags. They’re also super easy to clean and can be thrown in your load of laundry. They’re durable and can be used hundreds of times, so they’re definitely here to stay. From summer 2019, we saw the rise in more reusable bags with the trend of crotchet and basket bags. Following this path, we now have the trend of tote bags. The best thing about tote bags is that they are very customizable, and you can find different prints on Etsy and RedBubble.

Reusable Water Bottles 

From Swell to Hydro Flasks, we can expect the continuous trends of reusable water bottles. Especially with the news of Starbucks’s implementation of reusable cups that customers can take with them and return to be cleaned in stores, we can expect a rise in the reusable bottle. Reusable bottles are great for encouraging less single-use water bottles, and they’re also a fun way to remind yourself to drink more water. My favorite one to carry around campus is from Starbucks which has a straw attached. It’s super cute and really easy to clean and refill.

High-Quality Basics

I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about how to build your closet. I think high-quality basics are essential to everyone’s closet. The reason it may be hard to put together an outfit could be because you own too many stand-out pieces. Having basics allows you to build up the outfit and select one or two things that are more unique to make the outfit complete. My favorite place to get high-quality tee shirts is Uniqlo. I also love Levi’s and Lucky Brand for some good quality denim.

Upcycled Clothing 

On TikTok, there are a ton of small businesses that work with upcycling. I’ve seen videos of people even upcycling scraps from old bags to create a whole new one. They’d cut the bag into the cloth and reshape it and sew the pieces together to create a whole new usable bag. The same goes for using clothing scraps from pieces that they no longer wear and creating new pieces that feel more trendy and current.

Online Thrift Stores

Online thrift stores like Thredup are here to stay. The best part about online thrifting is heightened convenience. Thredup allows you to save time by sifting through filters and categories. There are also a handful of promo codes and account specials that going to a physical thrift store may not have. Moreover, it allows you to have wider access to clothing. However, the pricing might be a little more expensive when purchasing clothing through second-hand shops online, but the online aspect makes thrifting a viable option for more people.

What are some of your favorite ways to stay sustainable?

Caitlin Lu

U Mass Amherst '23

Caitlin is studying Marketing as a sophomore, and she enjoys making youtube videos, trying a new workout class, and learning about photography.
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