The 2016 Election Summed up in GIFs

We have seen a lot in this election cycle. From “Birdie” Sanders, to that white thing on Ted Cruz’s lip, and Donald Trump being, well, himself, the 2016 election has been anything but boring. Here’s a look back (in GIFs, of course!), to the highlights of the road so far.

1. That time no one knew what was on Ted Cruz’s lip.

2. That time a bird showed support for Bernie Sanders.

3. That time even an eagle hated Donald Trump.

4. That time Ted Cruz cooked bacon with a machine gun.

5. That time Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump and made absolutely no sense.

6. That time Ben Carson missed his cue and made things awkward.

7. That time Jeb Bush had to ask people to clap for him.

8. That time Mike Huckabee said he would have been “transgender” in high school in order to shower with girls.

9. That time Hilary Clinton tried to appeal to young voters by breaking out some dance moves.

10. That time Donald Trump acted like a five-year-old.

Of course, I know there were a lot more shenanigans and hilarious moments, but these GIFs certainly reflect the nature of this election, don’t you think?


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