15 Things to Do on a UMass Snow Day

At UMass Amherst, we might not get as many snow days as other schools, but we do spend our snow days right. Whether you decide to lounge the day away in the dorms or romp around outside, there is always something to do. Here is a list of some activities you can take part in next time class is cancelled.

1. Build an igloo in the Orchard Hill bowl.

The bowl is the prime place to build an igloo. See how many people you can fit in there.

2. Ski down Orchard Hill.

Be careful on your way down, don’t go into Subbaswammy’s house.

3. Attempt to walk to a dining hall, but fail miserably.

Brave the cold, harsh winter winds. You can do it.

4. After admitting defeat, make pasta in your dorm room.

Pasta will be able to sustain you for at least a little while.

5. Make cookies after realizing pasta isn’t enough.

Just kidding, pasta can only last for so long.

6. Make a snowman in the shape of Subbaswammy.

7. Have a snowball fight next to the Campus Center.

Bonus points if you organize teams.

8. Use Lot 12 as an ice rink.

Lot 12 becomes the perfect place to strap on some ice skates due to its large mass.

9. Get on a snowboard and grab the end of the 30 PVTA bus.

Don’t say you haven’t thought of doing this before.

10. Hunt for the Abominable Swammy.

They say he’s out late at night near the observatory.

11. Cross country ski across the athletic fields.

Relive your freshman year picture experience and try to recreate it!

12. Make a blanket fort in your dorm room.

Use all of the furniture provided and ask your floormates for their extra blankets.

    13. Move the snowball fight to Haigis Mall.

    Snowball fights just can’t stay in one place.

    14. Host a dance party in the sketchy elevator in Du Bois.

    The one with the cardboard? No?

    15. Go ice skating on the duck pond.

    Warning: You might fall through. 

    And there you have it, 15 ways to make your next snow day at UMass worthwhile.

    Images/GIFs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 1617