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14 Experiences In UMass DCs Every Student Can Relate To (As Told By GIFs)

It’s any time of day and you’re hungry, but if you’re on the YCMP dining plan there are two options: going to somewhere YCMP is accepted or try your luck at a nearby dining common. Sometimes the DCs feel like a buffet of your favorite food and other times it’s a disappointing night of floppy pizza slices and cantaloupe. Here are a few experiences that everyone deals with at the dining commons…

Realizing too late that you’re trying to swipe in during rush time (usually between the end and beginning of primetime classes)

The food station you were looking forward to already closed down.

You get to the front of the food line you were craving and find what you wanted the most is gone.

The employee is in a bad mood and you just have to stand there awkwardly.

You finally have your plate of food you weren’t excited for in the first place and it’s burning your hands to carry.

There’s a lack of seating and you’re stuck sitting directly across from a stranger.

The table is massacred with past spilled juices and a lack of napkins.

You look for something to drink but every viable choice is empty – unsweetened tea it is.

All the forks are gone but luckily there’s plenty of knives.

Slowly finishing your food because you’re dreading the dishwashing line.

People side-swipe you trying to get their dishes in, clearly breaking line code.

You empty your silverware and the dishwater spills onto you.

You give up and decide it’s only YCMP dining places from here on out.

… Until Chowder Fridays.

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