13 Struggles of Wearing Heels

Shoes can definitely make or break an outfit. They can add an element of surprise, like red heels with a black dress for a pop of color. They can dress it up, like adding cute booties to an outfit, or they can dress it down, like wearing Jack Rogers instead of wedges for a comfortable and more relaxed look.

With that being said, shoe choice is pretty important when picking out an outfit--especially if you’ll be walking around and going out. Heels are always a fun shoe choice, but they do come with their fair share of faults. Here are just a few struggles of wearing heels.

1. Let's start off with the *horrible* blisters...

2. When you have to walk in dirt or grass and can't help but sink in.


3. Or when your heel gets caught and breaks.

4. When you step on someone's foot...oops. 

5. When you step in something gross with your new babies.  

6. Driving in heels like...

7. When your toes go numb after standing on your feet all night.

8. When your girls are walking too fast and you physically can't.

9. Trying to break in your new heels and walking like this.

10. Tripping and falling into everything

11. When it hits you that your feet really hurt. 

12. And then you remember that you refused to bring a change of shoes. 

13. Lastly, when you can finally take them off at the end of the night. 

Despite all these struggles, you have to admit that you'll probably wear your favorite heels all over again next week...

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