12 Signs You've Got Yourself a Keeper

1. He appreciates your weirdness.

2. In fact, he's likely as strange as you are.

3. He understands your love for sleeping, and will gladly join you for an afternoon nap.

4. When it comes to pursuing your goals, he's rooting for you all the way.

5. You never seem to get tired of hanging out with him.

6. You can enjoy all the delicious food you want in front of him without feeling self conscious.

#feastmode, anyone?

7. Speaking of food, he's more than happy to join you for a midnight snack.

Or a late-afternoon snack. Or a morning snack. He's pretty much down to pig out with you at any time.

8. He'll do almost anything to calm your nerves.

9. He still loves you when you're sick and gross.

Because, let's face it, there's a good chance he's going to catch whatever bug you have. And when he does, you'll take care of him in return.

10. He's willing to wear a couple's costume for you.

His friends might tease him, but making you happy is well worth it for him.

11. He makes sure you know how awesome you truly are.

12. Although you don’t know what the future holds, you hope he’ll always be a part of your life because frankly, you can’t imagine being with anyone else.


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