11 Reasons Singles Should Love Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again, when chalk hearts are drawn on every restaurant sign and there's enough hand-holding to beat the Guinness Book of World Records' longest human chain (652.4 miles long, by the way). But us singles no longer have to despise those loving this day of love. We can celebrate it, too, just a little differently this year:

1. February 14th is a great day to band together with other singles and hate on all those pesky lovebirds. Nobody gives love like a bunch of complete strangers all void of affection, so why not celebrate together? And heck, you may even meet the person you’ll actually enjoy Valentine’s Day with next year. (Ha!)

2. Even if you don’t have a hubby, cupcake, boo-bear, or whatever this Valentine’s Day, you can still celebrate the love you do have in your life. Valentine’s Day is great to celebrate with the friends and family you’ve grown to adore, so plan a group date and all go out together. The more hearts the merrier.  

3. This once-a-year day of love is a great excuse to cook and bake your face off. Invite the girls over for hours of wine and fancy food or plan a potluck dinner with all your guy and girl friends. Bake stacks and stacks of cookies, brownies, and everything else sweet to bring to friends or neighbors. Who says you need a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend Valentine’s Day with?

4. Reminisce about a happy Valentine’s Day you may have spent with someone else, and appreciate that it happened, not sad that it’s no longer.

5. Spend the money you’d usually be spending on your significant other on yourself this February 14th; that’s enough for at least four outfits from Forever 21.

6. Lingerie is on sale and you can finally buy that naughty, stringy contraption you’re still puzzled about.

7. Buy a bunch of those cheap, silly Valentine’s Day cards you gave out in 3rd grade. Tape on a lollipop and pass them out merrily to friends and randos in class, the dining halls, at the bars, anywhere. Everyone needs a little love on Valentine’s day. And goofy cards like those are a bulletproof excuse to talk to your crush or a cutie across the room.

8. Candy. Lots and lots of candy. At discounted prices.

9. Love is a beautiful thing. Be happy for those who have found it and realize you’ll find it someday, too.

10. Red is a tough color. But on Valentine’s Day, you can wear a whole lot of it and nobody can say anything. Go H.A.M. on the red: lipstick, shoes, nails, blouse. Paint the whole damn town red.

11. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to talk to your equally-as-single crush. Slip him one of those silly Valentine’s Day cards or ask him to be your Valentine (or non-Valentine) for the last two hours of the night. It’s a fun, iconic way to break the ice and actually enjoy this wretched day that comes once a year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my fellow single Collegiettes!