10 Ways To Get On The UMass Campus Story

Ah, the UMass snapstory. What started out as a rumor among students soon became reality when those of you with location services on saw the now infamous, “UMass Campus” story appear under recent updates. Soon thousands of submissions were being sent in- pictures of classes, the campus, dinner at one of the dining halls, and so on. But, little did we know, that getting onto the campus story is a lot harder than one would think. So for all of you students who find that your pictures and videos aren’t good enough for the campus story, I have created a sort of “guide” in the hope that you too will someday find your snap in the Campus Story.

1. Feature local wildlife.

Duh! This is practically a no brainer. I know, how could you not have thought of this before? The UMass ducks are already campus celebrities, so naturally including them in your picture or video guarantees you a spot in the Campus Story.

2. But really, any cute animal will do.

Luckily for all of us students, UMass is surrounded by farms which means cute farm animals. So whether your major requires you to work with the farm animals near campus or you take a trip with your friends to see them, make sure your phone is ready.


3. Wake up really early.

For some reason, it’s cool to wake up early and capture campus in the wee hours of the morning- aim for 7 AM or earlier.

4. Wear a body suit or follow someone who is.

UMass students are all about the latest trends and it seems that the newest and hippest one is body suits. Whether you’re the person wearing it or the witness to someone wearing it, your picture or video will be part of the story.


5. Put on your favorite super hero costume and run around campus and then go into a bathroom stall and in a Batman voice call someone out.

6. Do a science experiment.

Are you currently enrolled in a science class? If you answered yes, get your phone ready because the Campus Story has this weird obsession with labs.

7. Be the 1 millionth late night customer at Berk and take a video of yourself in your sweatshirt featuring the song “A Milli” by Lil Wayne because that’s what you should do if you’re the 1 millionth late night customer at Berk.


8. Turn up Monday through Wednesday whether in your room or at the dining hall.

9. Fool around between the bookshelves of Du Bois because everyone needs a study break once in a while and people will think you’re the cool kid who doesn’t follow library rules.

10. Say good night to everyone on campus because it is good manners and we all love each other and UMass.

All images featured in the article are from the UMass Campus Story on Snapchat.

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