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10 Wardrobe Essentials for Fall 2014

Fall is quickly approaching! And do you know what that means? Time to do the semi-annual clothing swap. Ah yes, the time has come to put the shorts and cute tanks in plastic bins and hide them away until next summer (*silently sobs*).

Not to worry, Collegiettes, because we have your Fall 2014 wardrobe essentials right here. Save $4.00 and don’t buy that People Magazine Style Watch. We’ve got everything you need! The two biggest trends to keep an eye on are bold prints and mixing textures (rather than patterns). With that in mind, here are some suggestions to beef up your closet for the upcoming season.

Dark Florals:

This is HUGE! Obviously it goes along with the whole big, bold patterns theme. Florals have made quite the comeback in the last couple years. However, leave your dainty, pink and white flowers in the bin with your shorts. As if often the case with the transition to fall, the style world has shifted to a darker color palette. Go big. Go bold. Go dark.

Rose Print Peplum Top: Forever 21

Chunky Knits:

These are always a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love the feeling of being wrapped up in a big, cozy sweater as the leaves start to fall? Try different colors, knits, lengths, you name it. The important part is the big, exaggerated size.

Marela Cardigan: Brandy Melville


Does plaid ever really go out of style? Hint: no. However, it’s super trendy right now and will be as we move forward. Love it or hate it, but 90’s grunge is making a comeback and plaid is certainly a large part of that! Try mixing up how you wear it: open with a graphic tee underneath, tied around your waist, under a cute cardigan. Again, you have a lot of freedom with how you rock it!

AEO Plaid Jegging Shirt: American Eagle

Moto jeans:

Piggybacking on the whole “chic grunge” trend is moto-anything. However, jeans are one of the most popular options. Go for a skinny jean with a pair of boots for an updated take on this look.

Skinny Low Ankle Jeans: H&M

(Speaking of) Boots:

While I’m adamant about the fact that everyone should own one reliable, comfy pair of tall boots, shorter booties really caught on last year. This year they are continuing to take the shoe world by storm. Flat, heeled, tan, black, patterned, plain, with bling. You get to decide on the details.

Ecote Joey Side-Zip Suede Ankle Boot: Urban Outfitters

Pointy shoes:

Pointy-toed heels never go out of style, but they had fallen out of favor as round-toed shoes made the rounds (no pun intended). But now pointy is back. And it’s not just affecting heels, but flats. This is a relief for anyone who despises/can’t walk in heels.

It’s also nice to be able to embrace this style without having to dress up. It’s easy enough to find a pair of flats that can be worn to class, because (let’s be honest) it might be a little weird if you showed up to chemistry in your fancy, pointy high heels.

Franco Sarto Leather Ankle Strap Flat: T.J. Maxx

Textured leggings:

Patterned leggings were literally everywhere last year. This year is all about texture. Ribbed, (p)leather, metallic, or some combination of the three. These rock because they’re comfy, easy and can be worn with a lot that’s already in your closet. Try mixing with other textured pieces in a similar color palette for a chic, ultra-modern effect.

Textured Leather Look Leggings: Topshop 


Another comfortable, versatile piece. Try to find a shirtdress than can be dressed up or down. A simple color and cut are usually the best options because…

a.) It’s less likely to go out of style quickly.

b.) You can pair it with other great things from your fall wardrobe like textured leggings or tights, chunky knits or a slouchy cardi and ankle boots.


BDG Babydoll Shirtdress: Urban Outfitters


Basically any combination of denim and leather is going to make you incredibly stylish and probably pretty B.A. this fall. Demin jackets, pants (obviously), shirts, anything you can get your hands on. And the best thing? Denim is tough, easy to take care of and you won’t worry about it.

Marlow Bleached Denim Moto Jacket: Delia’s

Dark pink & gray nail polish:

Okay, so this isn’t strictly “wardrobe,” but it’s still an important part of fall fashion. This season try experimenting with dark pinks and grays/silvers.  It’s a great way to add a pop of color or another texture to an outfit.

Big Spender: Essie Polish 

Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to take on fall 2014, Collegiettes. What is awesome is that, unlike in the past, it doesn’t even matter how you wear “trendy” things. It’s all about finding new ways to rep your style.

Inspire each other. Be yourself. And keep being fabulous, dahhhling!


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