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10 Tips for a Stress-Free Spring Semester

Spring semester is starting up, which also means our busy schedules are starting too. Added stress can actually pose a small risk to your health, or even ruin your sleep cycle. For some of us, it can be a bit harder to settle back into our school routines after having such a great month of relaxation and even better, spending a month without tests and homework! Don’t worry fellow Collegiettes™, here are some great tips for a stress free spring semester.

1. Write It Down.

Keeping a planner or agenda is a perfect way to keep track of your homework assignments and tests. You can also write down your weekend plans too! It’s important to know when assignments are due in advanced so you don’t procrastinate and possibly turn in something late.

2. Sweat It Out.

It’s proven that exercise, even if it’s thirty minutes a day or just talking a walk around campus with your friends, will boost your mood and lower your stress levels. There are also great places to go hiking around Amherst that make for a fun trip with your friends or adventurous date with your boyfriend!

3. Candles & Plug-Ins.

Having a lavender or other aromatherapy candles will instantly help you feel less stressed out during your semester. If you’re living in the dorms you can purchase plug-ins or Febreeze to make your room smell great and keep you stress-free.

4. Work First, Play Later.

It is really important to prioritize your schedule so you have enough time to study and finish your homework before the weekend and before you go out. You will be able to hang out with your besties without the worry about having to do any homework on your Sunday morning, when all you want to do is sit back and relax for a few hours. 

5. Eat Well, But Cheat A Little.

Eating healthy is important for a balanced lifestyle and a longer life. Drinking enough water during the day will keep you hydrated and can even reduce headaches. Sometimes, it’s important to treat yourself to something “bad” every once in a while to prevent binge-eating. The less healthy stuff can also make for a great study snack!

6. Study Breaks.

Make sure to give yourself study breaks between long periods of work. Walk around your room or even go somewhere for an hour or two to take a break. This will make you less stressed and help you stay positive when you have that super long paper to do – which is never really that pleasant. 

7. Dance it Out.

Making a great study playlist can help you stay focused and more productive. And nothing is wrong about a dance party study break!

8. Hot Showers.

Taking a hot shower cannot only take your mind off of your homework and added stresses in your daily life. It’s also a great place to think and get your thoughts sorted out.

9. Phone a Friend.

Calling somebody you love will help you stay calm and less stressed and keep your mind off of your workload. It’s also good to sit and catch up with a friend or even your parents – they’ll love to know you’re thinking about them!

10. Stay Positive.

It’s also important to keep a positive attitude so you don’t end up stressing yourself out! Mind over matter is sometimes the greatest thing you can do for yourself. It’s a full-proof plan when you stay positive and optimistic.

So next time you sit down to start your homework, keep these tips in mind to have a less anxiety-ridden spring semester. Even better, keep in mind that summer is not so far away! Good luck with your semester Collegiettes ™, and good luck staying stress-free.     

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