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When shopping for new clothes at the start of each new season it is easy to shop at brands that are popular or cheap, but those aren’t always the best options. The fashion industry has a negative impact on the environment due to things such as large carbon emissions, drying up water sources, and polluting the ocean with plastic. We can do our part in helping our environment by not participating in buying from brands who produce fast fashion. Check out these sustainable clothing brands to do your part in saving our planet.


NAK-D is a European brand that has a sustainable collection with over 700 products. The brand also offers climate-friendly shipping for all customers at no additional cost. The sustainable collection has a great selection of sweaters and pants that would be a great addition to your closet this fall!


Reformation hasn’t been around for too long but it has gained quite a following. Celebrities such as Kaia Gerber, Hailey Beiber, and Kendall Jenner are fans of the brand. They design minimalist feminine pieces. Reformation also carries one of a kind vintage pieces that can be found online or at their Los Angeles location.

H&M Conscious

H&M was one of the first big clothing brands to release a sustainable line. Find great jeans, graphic tees, sweaters, and more made from organic and sustainable fabrics in their Conscious collection.

House Of Sunny

Though a bit on the pricier side, the British company House Of Sunny works on creating unique pieces that can be worn from season after season. They only launch two collections per year, giving the designers enough time to choose the best sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. If you’re looking for clothes with fun patterns and bright colors, definitely check out the brand!


Looking for a cute sweatsuit or other basics? Check out Pangaia! The brand’s name translates to “all inclusive Mother Earth”. The brand focuses on giving back to the Earth, and many collaborations are created where portions of profits are donated to various organizations such as Amazon Forever and JUST.

Musier Paris

Musier Paris was founded by French Instagram influencer Anne-Laure, and delivers vintage inspired pieces. The brand only releases new products every two months. Anne-Laure aims to create timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Check out Musier to achieve that effortless French-girl style.

For Days

For Days is a new and more affordable small business based in Los Angeles. They make great basics for men and women. For Days also encourages customers to participate in their swap program. In this program, customers can send in any old clothes for discounts to their products or credit, and it creates a closed loop system to avoid any waste.

Boyish Jeans

Looking for new jeans to complete your fall look? Check out Boyish Jeans to find the perfect vintage inspired denim. The brand only uses ⅓ of the water usually used to make denim. They carry your jean staples plus some statement pieces that I am dying to get this fall!

Los Angeles Apparel 

Los Angeles Apparel is a great place to go for affordable basics. They have a commitment to providing fair wages for their employees and creating more jobs in the USA. The brand also has a collection of facemasks for sale coming in a wide range of colors.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective features activewear from recycled water bottles. Their goal is to be as transparent as possible while delivering the best quality products. Shop here instead of stores such as Lululemon to support a smaller and more ethical company. They have cute workout sets that are delivered in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

Julia Brown

U Mass Amherst '23

Julia Brown is currently a sophomore at UMass Amherst studying nutrition and public health. She loves hanging with friends and finding cute coffee shops in her free time. Feel free to follow her on instagram @juliabrown15
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