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10 Struggles of Having Long Hair

Having long hair is often seen as a sign of femininity – though more and more women are going short. Perhaps because of all the struggles that go along with having long hair! Here are our top 10.

1. Going through so many shampoo and conditioner bottles

And the money you’re forced to spend on hair products.

2. Waiting for it to air dry takes forever

If you have anywhere to be, you should probably blow dry it.

3. If you do air dry your hair, it will undoubtedly get your shirt wet

At least it cools you down in the summer?

4. It turns into a hot mess when it’s windy

You know to always keep an elastic on your wrist for this reason.

5. Styling it is an arm workout

Straightening it, curling it, blow drying it… it all takes so long there’s no more need for bicep curls.

6. Updos take almost as long

Even something as simple as a bun is tiring.

7. Your hair gets stuck on zippers… and everything else

You’re constantly pulling your hair out of anything that it can snag on.

8. When you put on a purse and you have to pull your hair out from under the strap

If your purse is heavy enough, this can actually hurt.

9. You sometimes feel as though a bug is crawling on you… oh, wait just a stray strand

You always find strands of your hair all over.

10. It gets everywhere

It’s on your floor, it’s on your clothes, it sometimes even gets in your food.

But at the end of day, we love our long hair, and the thought of cutting it off makes us want to cry.


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