10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Graduate From College

You’re a freshman. You tell yourself you have so much time here — tons of tailgates, so many Saturday nights, and a million Antonio’s runs. But the truth is, time flies and before you know it you’ll end up a second-semester senior wondering where time went. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you graduate, and to make the most of your UMass experience!

1. Is this major really what I want?

Don’t be afraid to explore your options. Many people come into college with a totally different major that they graduate with. Take classes that are just for your interest. Have a cool minor that’s for you. Maybe think about the BDIC program.

2. Have I taken the requirements I need to graduate on time?

I’m sure most people think about this when it’s time to pick classes, but think about it more often, and predict maybe having to repeat a class or deciding to study abroad.

3. Have I joined enough clubs?

Join clubs! This is the greatest advice for college. Your college experience is determined by how involved you get. Join something that is outside of your comfort zone — like Goat Herding or Bee Keeping. What about the Boltwood Project, Greek Life or the Belly-Dancing club? Join at least two! Research on Campus Pulse and sign up.

4. Have I explored campus fully?

The UMass campus is over 1,400 acres. That’s a lot of space to cover. Get out and get walking around campus. Explore the little places you pass all the time but have never been in, or walk to a part of campus you barely go.

5. Have I explored a lot of events on campus?

No, not just frat parties or group meetings, but an event of a group you’ve never been to. Maybe a "Mission Improvable" show? Or a cultural night? A play or a musical?

6. Should I get a job on campus?

Let me just answer this question for you right now — YES! It can change your college experience. There are tons of jobs for students on campus. Whether you want a desk job or bus-driving one, there are a variety of options just for you. If you don’t want one on campus, then apply to off-campus places like Insomnia Cookies or Judie’s!

7. Have I made use of the SORC?

Not everyone knows about the SORC -- the Student Organization Resource Center. It’s located in 208 Student Union in the basement. This is a place that helps groups and clubs plan events and purchase items. There’s tons to do here like make flyers and banners for free, as well as places to study!

8. Have I made use of Career Services?

Do you know what you want to do after you graduate? If not, then see Career Services in Goodell for help.

9. Have I made a UMass Bucketlist? Have I finished it?

First, make sure you make a bucket list of what you want to do at UMass. Make sure you plan for it and take different opportunities. Don’t just always go to Hamp or Berk. Try cafes in Marcus Hall or Harvest Market in the Campus Center. Expand your horizons and try new things.

10. Have I really gotten the most out of my UMass experience?

Have you truly grasped the greatest of UMass? Soon enough, you’ll be graduated and wishing you took ahold of all the awesome things UMass has to offer, so try to get the most out of your days at UMass. Study in different buildings. Take a cooking class with the UMass Bake Shop. Go to the University Museum. Take a Five College class. Make sure to make the most of your time here because it goes by quick!

Make sure you’re proud to be a Minuteman!

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