10 Places on Campus to Take Your Next Instagram

It looks like summer is finally over, collegiettes. It’s sad, I know. The bikini pictures that were constantly posted on your Instagram now seem like a distant memory. But your social media doesn't need to turn bland as the leaves turn brown! Here are the best places on our beautiful campus to take your next Insta.

1. Durfee Conservatory

This hidden gem is up near Frank and right across from UHS. So if you're grabbing a quick lunch or dying of the UMass plague, you should go and check out this greenhouse while you're in the area. The bridge above the fish pond in the Tropical House is the perfect place to look like a jungle queen.

Editing tip: Add a bit of structure and contrast to the photo to make yourself stand out among the busy background.

2. Campus Pond

The most picturesque location on campus is perfect for your next post. I’m sure the ducks and geese really want to help you with your Insta aesthetic as well.

Editing tip: Increase the saturation to burst all the bright colors in the pond, grass and sky.

3. Stairs of the Campus Center

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf while sitting on these steps. The Campus Center and the Met are basically the same, right? RIGHT?!

Editing tip: Add a fade effect to make the colors softer.

4. Corn Crops behind Bowditch Hall

Get all of your fall vibes from these corn crops that are hidden behind Bowditch Hall! Pretend you're at that giant corn maze you can’t get to because you don’t have a car on campus.

Editing tip: Increase the shadows and use the color feature and increase the orange shadows to give your photo an autumnal feel.

5. Rooftop Courtyard of the Design Building

On the roof of the new Design Building is a gorgeous sustainable garden. Take a study break and snap a pic!

Editing tip: Use the color feature to add a color highlight. With all the light shining in, it will add a unique feel to your photo.

6. Argo Tea

Buy your favorite bubble tea and pose in front of one of Argo Tea’s artsy walls. The typography is perfect as a makeshift frame.

Editing tip: Use a vignette filter to create shadows around the edges of your photo, making the colors of the typography POP.

7. South College

Get your vintage fix with this old wall located in South College! My personal favorite part of the wall is where all the plants line the windows.

Editing tip: Increase the contrast and shadows to give the bricks a distressed look.

8. Agricultural Learning Center

This one is a bit of a trek to get to, but I promise it's worth the hike. There are beautiful flowers and plants everywhere, making this the spot to express all of your flower child hippy vibes.

Editing tip: Decrease the brightness to give the photo a bit of a hazy look.

9. Graffiti Stairs of Central

The graffiti stairs are the perfect background because they're always changing! You can post multiple Instas and your followers will never know that they're all at the same place, they'll just think you really love graffiti.

Editing tip: Increase the saturation to show off the beautiful colors in the art.

10. Football Tailgates

It's #tailgateSZN, so throw on your maroon and white, grab your squad and take the best stereotypical UMass pic there is!

Editing tip: Use the color feature and increase the red shadows to really show off all that UMass gear!

Now it’s your turn! We want to see your pictures and what you do with these locations! Tag @hcumassamherst in your Instas! Happy posting!

Images courtesy of the author.