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10 Horror Movies on Netflix That Are So Bad You Have to Watch Them

Halloween is just around the corner, which means everything is about to get spooky! We all have those friends who won’t even open their eyes during a scary movie for a second (that friend may be you!) So here is a list of movies on Netflix that are perfect for Halloween season, not because they’re terrifying, but because they’re so bad, they’re absolutely hilarious! Get the friend group together to binge on these 10 movies.

1. #Horror

Just looking at the title, you can probably tell this movie is going to be cringe-worthy. And you would be correct. #Horror follows six wealthy 12-year-olds who are obsessed with their phones, and get involved with a game called “Slashtag” that has deadly consequences. They bully each other constantly, but get mad if one bad thing is said about themselves. They also smoke cigarettes and drink expensive alcohol (because that is obviously what 7th graders do at all their sleepovers). This film tries way too hard to be artsy. It seems like it was made by a group of out-of-touch parents who thought they could scare kids into not using their phones all the time.

Favorite Quote: “But I don’t eat chicken. I’m vegan. I mean, how does she not know that?”

2. Zoombies

Zoo animals that turn into zombies. Do you really need any other persuasion to watch this? If that didn’t make you want to watch, then how about poorly animated CGI giraffes biting a guy’s arms off. That still didn’t entice you? Then watch it for the scene where the characters ride on elephants because apparently zombie elephants weren’t in the budget.

Favorite Quote: “I could have been in a soup kitchen or helping the bums clean up trash, but no! I thought it was so clever coming here to serve the rest of my time in a stupid petting zoo!”

3. Zombeavers

You will never want to go to your family’s lake house ever again after this one. What is more petrifying than zombie beavers biting your feet off while you are swimming with friends? The answer is nothing. In all seriousness, Zombeavers is considered comedy horror, so if you are really looking for some light-hearted Halloween fun, this is the movie for you.

Favorite Quote: “We can not turn against each other right now, that’s exactly what the beavers would want.”

4. Avalanche Sharks

Move over Sharknado! This is the new natural disaster meets shark movie that no one asked for but everyone needed! A snowboarder on spring break starts an avalanche that awakens “snow-sharks” that start eating spring breakers one by one. One even manages to get into the hot tub, because you know how often sharks get into hot tubs.

Favorite Quote: “I’ve been half-eaten by a shark. I’ve been dragged across the snow. I’ve been slammed into a truck. Are you crazy?”

5. Deep Blue Sea

Samuel L. Jackson fighting sharks. Need I say more?

Favorite Quote: “You ate my bird!”

6. XX

This one’s a little different. It’s anthology horror, meaning it’s made up of short films. All of the short films are written and directed by women, which is empowering! The problem is, the stories just aren’t that scary. But it’s still enjoyable to watch, especially knowing that the project is completely made by women.

Favorite Quote: “I’m the rapping panda and I’m here to say, come on everybody ‘cause it’s Lucy’s birthday!”

7. Most Likely to Die

This is Saw meets your fear of high school. A ton of graduates get together before their 10-year high school reunion. The group of bullies discuss how they wrote “Most Likely to Die” (woah, that’s also the movie title!) on a classmate’s yearbook picture. They then start to be killed off one by one by a murderer dubbed “The Graduate.”

Favorite Quote: “Oh please, like this cabin in the woods sh*t really happens.”

8. The Fury

Simply because this is a ’70s horror flick makes this one funny. The overacting is at a hilarious extreme. You will definitely be quoting this one with your friends afterwards.

Favorite Quote: “What? Did you do something to his arm, Peter?” “I killed it. With a machine gun.”

9. Spiders

OK, this one may be scary if you’re afraid of spiders. Because if you’re afraid of tiny spiders, huge giant spiders rampaging through New York City may not be your cup of tea. But for people without a fear of spiders, this movie is absolutely hilarious.

Favorite Quote: “You won’t be complaining about the rats anymore”

10. JeruZalem

I don’t know about you, but I hate when a zombie movie puts the letter Z in the title and suddenly thinks they’re super clever.

Favorite Quote: “You are stupid but beautiful.”

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