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10 Fashion Pieces That Will NEVER Go Out of Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

With every season change comes a new trend or a new style. Whether you regard yourself as a trend setter or a trend follower, there are certain pieces from these changing trends that we take onto our own wardrobe and rock in our own ways no matter how we categorize our individual look. Alas, as college students we can’t afford to buy ALL the trendy things we see on the covers of magazines or on TV, so it leaves us the unfortunate female struggle of picking and choosing the items we want for our closet. Having a tight budget makes you wonder what clothes, shoes, or make up is worth investing in and which pieces will have the power to cross over one, two, or multiple style changing seasons? Here is a list of ten fashionable pieces that never have, and arguably never will, go out of style!

#1 Converse: Whether you’re a prep, a hipster, an athlete, an average joe or any other sort of style stereotype, converse sneakers are arguably most people’s first choice casual sneaker, AND the company has been making shoes since the early 1900’s. Take a walk around campus and observe the students walking around you, you’ll see almost every other person wearing a pair. A little trivia: at one point converse was the official sneaker of the NBA!

#2 Winged-Eyeliner: Also referred to as “cat eyes,” this sleek look will never fail when you go out at night. Although too heavy for the day time, the winged eyeliner has been worn on Hollywood’s greatest actresses since even the first movies started to be made.

#3 Black Blazers: Either a masculine sporty one (on the left) or a fitted feminine one that buttons at the waist (on the right), this jacket will pull together any outfit whether it be casual day time, chic evening wear, or even something to wear to a job interview.

#4 Loose or Fitted White Button Down: Very few sexier things than a guy seeing you in his dress shirt from the night before. Capture this Risky Business look in your daily wardrobe by rocking a masculine style button down that’s a little loosely fit on your body. But what can also be sexy is the opposite of that: wearing a fitted white button down that hugs the curves of your body. Although this may seem “business casual”, with the right pair of jeans and some pumps you have an effortless and long lasting power look.

#5 Wayfarers: There’s not much to be said about these iconic sunglasses except for one word: Classic.

#6 The Little Black Dress: You need one more than you think! Audrey Hepburn said she once wore the same black dress to three parties in the same year and not a single person noticed. It’s all about how you dress it up! Best advice for picking the one that’s right for you: keep it simple! Nothing too flashy or over the top! The purpose is longevity; let your accessories make the impact.

#7 Baseball Caps: As long as America’s favorite game is still being played, these hats are going to be worn. The casual and cute look a baseball hat can give you a solution to your bad hair day or give an extra casual and effortless accessory to a pair of jeans and a v-neck.

#8: Jean Jackets: What seems to be the stable coat in every eighties movie or sitcom, jean jackets can be worn with anything (even denim pants, but it’s tricky to pull off properly!). Even getting them in another color like red or white could rock up your look.

#9 Pointed-Toe Heels: A staple in any feminine look, the pointed toe of this heel accentuates the female form by making the appearance of legs look longer and slimmer. It’s favored by style icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Victoria Beckham alike. An ageless staple in every women’s closet, ready to be dressed up or down.

#10 Red Nails & Red Lips: Worn combined or separate, this is a timeless look that has been worn by actresses starting way back into old Hollywood. Its nostalgic appearance reaches an era of absolute class and sophistication and stretches continuously into the 21st century, being worn by celebrities on the red carpet and other well to do figures. You can never go wrong rocking red nails, a red lip or both!

Collegiettes, you can’t go wrong with any of these styles! So next time you shop, don’t forget about these classics.

Contributors from the University of Massachusetts Amherst