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10 Coldplay Songs that Hit You Right in the Feels

We all, hopefully, known the awesome British band Coldplay. They’ve been around since the late nineties with their sweet tunes and soothing lyrics. And if anyone’s listened to any Coldplay song before, then you know all the feelings and emotions that arise in your body just after listening to their music. That’s why they’re so unique and kick-ass! Check out these ten songs by Coldplay that will hit you right in the feels. Time to break out the tissues and old memories folks.

1. Strawberry Swing

Coldplay’s "Strawberry Swing" released in 2008 on their Viva La Vida album. Personally, this is in the top of my favorite songs ever. Listening to this song you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud. This song has a nostalgic vibe that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired at the same time. And what about the awesome lyrics? “People moving all the time, inside a perfectly straight line, don’t you wanna curve away?”  Not going to lie I almost made that my senior quote because Coldplay just gets me. Frank Ocean remixed this song, creating a different vibe, but I’d recommended it as well. The song just makes you want to hang out in this “strawberry swing”, whatever that may mean. And the lyrics "It’s such a perfect day”...it will be if you listen to this song.

2. Fix You

"Fix You" is from their X&Y album released in 2005. If you have not cried to this song my friends, you have not lived. Coldplay just gets it here with the lyrics: “When you try your best but you don’t succeed.” This song hits my heart hard and brings out all the feels. I love it. “And I will try to fix you.” Please do Chris Martin, help me out. The song makes you sad and paralyzes you to your bed holding a pillow, but also inspires you to get back out there! The build up around 2:38 makes me feel like I need to run out of my dorm room and confess my love to someone. Yeah, it’s that powerful.

3. Yellow

"Yellow" is from their album Parachutes released in 2000, some of their early stuff. This song is another tear jerker. I know I’ve 100% cried before listening to this one; it’s just such a good song.“You know I love you so”, Martin can you be talking to me? You’ll have yourself crying and sobbing “how they shine for you” before you know it even hits you.

4. The Scientist

Coldplay's "The Scientist" is from their album A Rush of Blood to the Head, another early one from 2002. This is another famous one that gets those feels going. The beautiful piano in the background tears at my heart strings along with Chris Martin’s soothing voice. “Nobody said it was easy" and here you are again Coldplay, just getting my life. Plus it’s such a cool music video, everything going back in reverse. But by the end of the video you’ll be thinking what the heck Coldplay, are you literally trying to kill me with sadness? I highly recommend you check it out.

5. Magic

This song "Magic" is from their latest album called Ghost Stories. It is not quite as sad as the others, but it does have a chill beat. If you’re not tapping your foot to the beat by the end, you’re just not human. If you really want to mellow out, I suggest this song. And Chris Martin levitating in the music video? I’d call that magic for sure. This song certainly makes me believe in magic.

6. Talk

"Talk" is from their X&Y album.This song has some killer lyrics and I can say it’s also one of my favorites. Whenever I need someone to talk to, I can just turn this song on and feel like it’s talking back to me.“I’m so scared about the future and I want to talk to you” is something every college kid can definitely relate to! Martin’s soothing voice hits me hard again in this song. And I love the rock out sesh part of the song around 3:40; it bumps up the slow beat for a little.

7. Life in Technicolor II

The beginning of this song is the best, no words just an awesome build up of the beat. I can picture myself running in a field smiling to this song, it’s that good. It’s on their Viva La Vida album. “Now my feet won’t touch the ground” makes me feel like I’m floating in a cloud of happiness somewhere. Take a listen!

8. Don't Panic

Even though this song’s a shorter one, it’s still so great. "Don’t Panic" is off of their first album called The Blue Room in 1999. My friend told me he’d listen to this song when he was super stressed out, and them BAM, he’d feel better. It’s for sure a relaxing song if you’re looking to de-stress. The last lines of the song will have all the feels coming out, “Oh, all that I know, there's nothing here to run from, cos yeah, everybody here's got somebody to lean on.” Some comforting words by Coldplay once again.

9. Everything's Not Lost

We got some more beautiful piano playing in this song right here. It’s from their album Parachutes from 2000. Listen to this song if you’re feeling down and trust me you’ll feel better. Martin telling you everything’s not lost, what could be better? This song is equivalent to your mom telling you everything’s going to be okay. Whether you just went through a terrible break up or failed your midterms, this song will have you feeling like everything really is not lost.


10. Swallowed in the Sea

This is another personal favorite of mine off of their album X&Y. Martin’s soft, sweet voice paired with some quiet music in the background is like candy for your ears. I will proudly say I have also cried to this song before.“You belong with me, not swallowed in the sea" is a beautiful message Coldplay. It makes you want to reach out to your long lost lover or something, or maybe just a best friend having a hard time these days.


Don’t be afraid of the feels my friends! Grab some tissues and some headphones and listen to these awesome Coldplay songs.



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