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You Know You Love Me: Gossip Girl Weekly Review

Happy spring UMainers, HerCampus’s Gossip Guy here with this weeks much anticipated Gossip Girl roundup. The shows hiatus left us all feeling a little wilted, and the much-anticipated return was anything but dull.

The episode opens with the very public affair involving Lily Van der Woodsen and the forged affidavit. Her mug shot even ends up on TMZ, how very Lohan of her. Lonely Boy finally confides in someone about his romantic escapade with Blair, and the always understanding Eric takes it in, but not without some laughter on Dan’s behalf. Poor Blair has been on bed rest due to her recent troubles of the heart, yet when opportunity calls – she comes running. Be careful Blair, you may have forgotten how cunning a certain Bass can be. Dotting dad William comes sweeping in to ensure that Lily and the girls are being taken care of, much to Rufus’s displeasure.
The penthouse is full of family as CeCe and Lily’s sister Carol show up for the Rhodes family portrait for “modern royalty.” In true form, the family can always find a way to get over their differences and come together when there’s publicity involved. But before the makeup can be applied and the hair can be done, the photo shoot is cancelled due to the recent events surrounding Lily. It looks like a mug shot is the only portrait she’ll be taking anytime soon. Long lost cousin Charlie finds Serena, and in true Manhattan socialite style, Serena treats her to a day of shopping. Only, Carol doesn’t approve of her sister’s family’s lifestyle and comes crashing down on Charlie’s world. Come on Mom, every girl wants to feel like a princess every once and a while.
Chuck’s sleuthing ways lead him to Brooklyn and the liar of a certain Lonely Boy. Dan tries to convince the bad Bass that no matter Blair’s love life, a happy Waldorf is all that truly matters. Carol tries to quickly exit the world she seems to hate so much, but CeCe reminds her that it’s her paychecks each month that are keeping Carol here. It turns out that little Ms. Simple-Lifestyle hasn’t really been living so simply after all. Dan is lured to the photo shoot as well, after being toted as an “up-and-comer” (come on Humphrey, this isn’t a high school yearbook), only to simultaneously realize with Blair that Chuck has been behind all the madness.

Naughty Bass tries to embarrass Dan and Blair by confronting them about the kiss debacle. But it turns out Chuck is the one who’s embarrassed when Blair tells him it took one kiss for her to realize she wanted him back. Sorry Chuck, but too much meddling makes for a single lifestyle.
And if matters couldn’t get any worse for the secret romance duo, Vanessa overhears Dan and Blair talking about their kiss and leaves a voicemail for a certain leggy blonde. Tread lightly Vanessa, you know how rough Blair plays the game.
Cousin Charlie decides to stay in the city with her family for awhile, much to her mother’s protest. Having Serena as your mentor doesn’t exactly mean staying out of trouble. All the lying Russell Thorpe has does really gets his daughter Raina thinking. Even though all you want is a mother Raina, you never know what searching for the truth might bring.
Finally, a family photo is arranged. It’s not the “royalty” shot everyone expected, but a mashing of all the Van der Woodsens, Rhodes and Humphreys. And I spy a certain Brooklyn boy eyeing cousin Charlie. Is there a new romance simmering on the horizon? Sure hope so. It looks like the past has come calling for Blair and this Prince is carrying his very own glass slipper. Just be careful B, the last thing you need right now is another man to enter the equation.
Until next time, you know you love me.
Jossip Gurl
P.S. Next Week – Are Lonely Boy and a certain Waldorf out in the open?!

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