Winter Weather Vs. Your Skin

Tips to Make Your Skin Win


Wintertime is the WORST for your skin. The dreaded negative degree weather dries everything up and your skin can get super irritated. How can you possibly get through those long winter months with this cold weather cramping your cuteness and comfort?

Here are some tips that can help get you through this cold, dry winter:

For your FACE

            We’ve all been through this. We dread winter for this very reason. You wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and you see redness and dryness. What can you do?


This facial moisturizer gives you the right amount of moisture without leaving your skin feeling oily. Avoid the breakouts and sooth the dry skin. You can find it at your local drugstore for a cheap price. Perfect!

For your LEGS

Usually for us women, winter time can translate to “no shave November” (and December, January, February…). Whether it’s for your man or the gym, sometimes you got to do what you got to do- shave your legs. This can be the biggest pain in the winter because, of course, it leads to scaly and dry legs. What can you do to avoid this?



This is a great way to avoid the pain of shaving. This way of hair removal will keep your legs moisturized and NOT itchy. You also won’t get those annoying bumps or cuts from using a razor.

For your FEET

Don’t forget about your feet- the winter dryness kills them too! They commonly go unnoticed because you aren’t showing them off as much during the wintertime. What can you do?


Aveeno as a brand is known to have the best skin products made for sensitive skin. This foot lotion will keep your feet moisturized throughout the whole winter season. One tube will last you the whole season!

For your HAIR

The cold weather dries your skin, but sometimes we forget that it dries our hair too! This is why you need to be conditioning EVERY time you wash your hair. This is how you avoid breakage. What can you use to help?

This shampoo and conditioner is made specifically for the dry weather that will majorly damage your hair. It’s a cheap alternative to expensive hair products and it works just as well! For extra silky smoothness, try the leave-in conditioner.