Winter Going Out Outfits

Dressing to go out in winter can be a struggle, especially here in Maine.  With below freezing (or below zero) temperatures, ice and snowstorms, heels and skirts are simply impractical most of the time.  But we still want to go out and have fun, so what’s a girl to do? Here’s the guide to dressing to go out in the winter.  You still might be a little cold with some of these outfits, but it’s better than a bodycon and wedges.

  1. Leather jackets are a great way to stay semi warm while still having a coat on to go outside to the uber.  Pair it with a dress or skirt and tights ( a winter must have!).  Fleece-lined tights or leggings are even better.  Wear some cute boots like moto boots or over the knee or slouch boots with winter socks over your tights to stay warm. 

2. Booties- wedge booties or ones with a small heel are another cute footwear option without wearing cold open-toed heels or flats in the snow.  Booties will keep your feet warm with warm socks underneath whiel still looking cute and dressy.  Pair with a nice pair of dark wash or black jeans and a cute top for a nice going out look.  Drape over a cardigan or another jacket to complete the look.  Adding a crossbody is a practical way to hold all of your belongings!

3. Accessorize- since it’s admittedly harder to look cute when its freezing out, accessorize to make the outfit still pop.  Wear statement necklaces, lots of bracelets and rings, or big dangly earrings for festive holiday season, or add a choker. 

4. Glittery/winter makeup- especially appropriate for New Years is glittery or winter makeup.Think silver eyeliner or white eyeshadow!

5. Long sleeve cute tops.  If you must wear long sleeve to stay warm, think tops with cute flair like lace sleeves, lace up necklines or blouses!

6. Cute skirts- corduroy or suede- Button up miniskirts are totally in- hello 90s! And since the 90s are in again, wear flannels or jean jackets for more layers!

Stay warm and still look cute this winter! Hapy winter collegiates!

Source: all photos courtesy of Polyvore and sets made by the author