What If Our Favorite Rappers Ran For President?

What if Waka Flocka actually ran for president? Never mind the fact that he’d have to be 35 years old to run. What if our candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election were Waka Flocka, Weezy, Yeezy and Drizzy?

No, but actually.

The youngest cohort of voters would be captivated by the race. Everyone admires and looks up to celebrities, and the majority of college students able to vote have rappers like these playing through their Beats headphones all day long. They all have the influence to do so.

Instead of tweeting about #thebachelor, or #superbowl50, our Twitter feed would be overrun with our thoughts on each candidate. They could rap about their platform, and what issues they stand for. Maybe one would be a number-one hit. I’m sure everyone memorized the lyrics to Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” after hearing it on the radio multiple times a day, so wouldn’t we all be able to recite the words to these? We’d all be more in touch with current issues and what’s going on in the world. Sure, we’re all glued to our smartphones as it is, but how many college students are actually up to date on the latest results of the primaries?

Our beloved rappers could rap battle like Beyoncé and Bruno Mars instead of having a never-ending series of presidential debates on TV. Their rap battles might be more entertaining than turning on the TV just to see Donald Trump’s latest shade of orange. Rap battles would be much more engaging and get the people going. Waka Flocka, Weezy, Yeezy and Drizzy could at least bring some poetic justice to the presidential debate.