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What to Expect When You Go Home for Break

Going Home for Spring Break can be fun but interesting. You get to go back to see your family and your high school friends, but you don’t realize how much things will happen when you go home for break. Here are 5 things to expect when you go home for break:


1. You’ll get home cooked meals

Let’s be real, this is the best. You’ve been living off of dining hall food or maybe attempting some recipes yourself. We all know this does not have anything on your parent’s cooking. Just think if there’s extras you can always take that back to campus with you.


2. You’ll get bored

You have a week to do nothing and binging your favorite Netflix show can only keep you entertained for so long. There will be no rush and constant activity going on like there is on campus. You’ll get bored but hopefully not for the entire time.


3. You’ll see people from high school

This is never a fun experience. You decide to go to the grocery store with your mom or maybe for your mom and you are bound to see at least 2 people from your high school. You can see how much people have changed or not changed since you last saw them a graduation. Not to mention your Tinder will be filled with people you never want to see. This is an unfortunate thing you cannot avoid.


4. You’ll realize how much you missed your pet

Pets are great and everyone misses their pet when they’re away at school. But it’s not until you’ve been away for a while when you realize just how much you miss them. You’ll probably end up spending a lot of time spoiling them and adding a million of photos of your pet to your phone.


5. You’ll get to sleep in

The reason we all love break. No early morning classes to attend, no staying up until the crack of dawn finishing last minute assignments. You can take this week to catch up on some zz’s and finish the semester strong.


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Ali is a third year Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Maine. She enjoys volunteering with FIRST Robotics, reading and spending time with friends.
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