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What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

Coffee is not only the sole source of caffeine and addiction for the majority of people around the world, but has become an accessory. How many of our Instagram photos feature a coffee? Personally, I have at least five. Whether it’s hot, cold, espresso or blended, coffee is a drink that brings us all together out of mutual love and necessity.  As a die hard lover of all things coffee, I had to recognize the love of my life and the motivator of my days. 

So, how do you take your coffee? What does it say about you? 

 1. Black

The sign of a girl that takes herself seriously. We don’t have time for creamer and we’re adjusted to like the bitter taste that matches our hearts. 

 2. Pumpkin spice latte

“Basic” may be what comes to mind but that’s just because yes, everyone likes it because, yes it is just that good. We love fall. The first PSL is the true sign that it’s finally here. 

 3. Iced, with skim milk & artificial sweetener 

For the girls that like black coffee that decide to treat themselves. Sure, we take ourselves seriously but sometimes on a Saturday morning we deserve the break and have the time 

 4. Iced caramel macchiato 

They are just so photogenic, taste so good- practically made for the Instagram photo I previously mentioned, and perfect for sipping on while you count your likes. 

 5. Double shot of espresso

All coffee lovers resort to the espresso shot when we are running behind and need that burst of energy. 

No matter how we drink our coffee, our mutual love and respect for the energy and accessory it provides us gives us a good reason to recognize all the good it brings to our lives. Not only does it energize us, but it also is a reason to get together for a coffee date with friends, family and love interests to sip on a favorite beverage and talk about life. For the drink that wakes us up everyday, let’s grab a coffee (or a PSL) and enjoy the cooler weather that fall is bringing!

Katelyn is a Senior at the University of Maine studying Psychology and Child Development/Family Relations. Her involvement with Her Campus began at the UMaine chapter in 2015. Currently she is President/Co-Campus Coordinator of the UMaine chapter. In addition to HerCampus, Katelyn is also Secretary of UMaine's Active Minds chapter. Katelyn's future plans include traveling, being a dog owner and figuring out how to be an adult. Fun fact: she uses excessive amounts of hairspray & loves to wear black.
Chloe is a fourth-year Mass Communication major at the University of Maine. She is the Editor-in-Chief/Campus Correspondent of Her Campus UMaine. She is also contributing editor for Odyssey UMaine. Check out her blog at https://cdyer.bangordailynews.com/. She is passionate about writing, and in her free time enjoys reading, traveling and blogging.