Transitioning from Winter to Spring Fashion

Now that it’s April, it’s time to finally shed those winter coats and bean boots in favor of more color and less gray and black tones.  Here in Maine, it’s still not quite spring (there’s still snow melting) so it’s time for us to transition a bit later into spring fashion from winter.  Here’s some ways to do it.

1. Layering

 In the winter it’s easy to just throw on a sweater and a parka and call it good because it’s cold enough.  However, spring in Maine is very finicky and you never know what the weather is really going to do. The key is to layer with t-shirts, cardigans, and lightweight spring or rain jackets.

2. Cute sneakers

Converse, Vans, slip-ons, Keds, you name it! This is the best time to break out those new kicks after wearing boots for months.

3. Medium weight jackets

Think denim, green army jackets, blazers…

4. Pops of color

Slowly start adding in pops of color- all winter we tend to stick to neutral tones and darker colors that reflect the weather, but in the spring, it’s time to add in some life to your wardrobe!

5. Spring prints and textures

Add in spring prints and textures- floral, lace, chevron...the sky is the limit!

6. Statement shirts

Ditch those sweaters in favor of cute long sleeve statement shirts!  These are perfect if it's still a little cold out but is getting sunnier.  Cut out shoulder tops and off the shoulder tops are so in right now!

7. Sunglasses

Particularly rainbow-reflective or round sunglasses are super popular right now. These are perfect for sunny weather and can be a cute statement fashion accessory. 

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