Top 5 Things You Should Bring Your Parents To Do On Parents’ Weekend

1. Eat at Fam Dog

Nothing screams “I go to UMaine” quite like a dining experience at Fam Dog.  There really is no wrong time to go.  Not only is the food wicked good, but you also could get to play with puppies.  What could be better than that?  Everyone at UMaine just knows that Fam Dog is the go-to place for great food, hanging out with friends, and low prices.  Your parents will love it, trust me.


2. Orono Bog Walk

Being in Maine sucks for about 60% of the year.  That other 40% accounts for late Spring, Summer, and Autumn.  The foliage here is unlike any other.  Located in the Bangor City Forest, the Orono Bog Walk is the perfect place to take in the Fall foliage, hopefully run into some dogs, and get outdoors!  If boardwalks aren’t your thing, there are tons of beautiful trails in the Bangor City Forest to choose from.

3. Attend a Greek Philanthropy Event

This weekend in particular, there are a ton of philanthropy events going on.  For you non-Greeks reading this, a philanthropy event is an event that raises money for a good cause.  On Saturday, first you’ll stop by Alpha Phi’s event Alpha Phifa at the Alfond football field.  This event is a soccer tournament and their proceeds are all donated to the Alpha Phi Foundation.  Stop by, cheer on your friends, or make your own team and play in the tournament!  Also, be sure to say hi to my puppy, she’ll be there.  After that, you can stop by Beta’s house to attend their Kanjam Klassic.  The money raised through this event will benefit the Old Town Recreation Center.  Next stop is FIJI’s Humvee Push.  This event is being held at the parking lot of the tennis courts by the Rec Center.  FIJI is donating the money that they raise to support our troops. Head over to AΓP’s house on College Ave.  They’re having a paint war on their front lawn to benefit USO.  Think your day is done?  Think again.  Alpha Sigma Phi is hosting their Phoenix Fest in the Somerset parking lot.  It’s a carnival-style event whose proceeds go to the Bangor Humane Society.  With all of these events to choose from, you’ll be sure to have a jam-packed day.


4. Breakfast at Bagel Central

Although it’s not in Orono, Bangor is close enough to make the cut on my list.  And also, it’s Bagel Central so I can’t help but advocate for it.  Located on probably the cutest street in Bangor, Bagel Central is a breakfast hot spot.  I personally recommend an everything bagel with olive cream cheese.  Everything that they have is made in house and you can really tell. The best times to go are when the hungover college students won’t be flocking there.  I’d say anytime from 8:00-10:00 AM is your safest bet.  While you’re there, try one of their desserts too.  Or their coffee.  Or their sandwiches.  You really can’t go wrong at Bagel Central.  And also, sometimes people bring their puppies.  Are you sensing a trend here?


5. Go Apple Picking at Treworgy’s

It wouldn’t be a complete Fall-weekend in Maine without apple picking.  The best place to go around here is Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant.  It’s a bit of a haul to get there but it’s beyond worth it.  If you’re not into apple picking, still go.  Their apple cider doughnuts are to die for.  They also have a lot of cute farm animals and beautiful areas for a lovely fall photo-op.  And again, there is a 95% chance that you’ll see a pup or two so why not?

Also be sure to check out the official schedule for the weekend here.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your parents full of good food, Fall activities, and puppies! 


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